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Saturday, March 19, 2011

U.N. of M. - United Nations of Music

... while world as we know is collapsing like a playing-cards castle (Japan, Egypt, Lybia... French bombing Lybia... Yemen? ... who's next?!?! U.S.A.? Anyone else?!?!), I really feel someway comfy playing the cane in the wind - i.e. peacefully listening to some music in an autumn-like minus-two-days-to-Springtime Saturday afternoon instead of committing suicide...

Yes, I WELL know the syndrome... Rome is burning and Nero is playing his lyra or the like... or, maybe, as I always do when things get nasty, reckon to what Mom told me, maybe fifty years ago - "If people loves and listens to music, loves and cares for pets and flowers and nature, no more wars would happen!"

Who knows...

While reading last Mojo mag and listening to some good music in my studio - two hours two, enough to re-charge low batteries - I considered (silly & childish I am...) "things" and gears, electronic and mechanic stuffs coming from different Countries and so friendly... BROTHERLY playing, in the name of same goal... in the name of Music.

In my system, gears built and/or hand-made in UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Austria, South Korea and music virtually coming from dozens different Countries are peacefully working "together"...

Why, in real life, this doesn't or so seldom happens?

Why is Music so supremely "superior" to every-day life?

Why in music, well... any author and musician, also most amateur-ish, doesn't "fight" with the very best?!?

Is it "religion" the truest, untold "enemy"?

I never heard of wars between Bach's lovers and Dvorak's fans, while...

... or is it "money" truest, BIGGER foe for humanity?

... and what's "richness"... is it wallet-related or a mind-game?

... like "time" is...

... and "happiness"?

Believe me: I could live with a transistor radio and a cheap guitar, maybe begging for a rice bowl... BUT not without freedom and music.

Peacefully, I imagine... dream about "wars" among koto, oud, sitar, guitar, charango, duduk... blues, jazz, opera and rock... and NO WINNERS!

... I told you I'm a silly, lunatic, romantic asshole.

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