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Monday, March 14, 2011

Idler, not idle...

Here are some pixes of the freshly hand-made and newly installed in my Garrard 301/Shindo combo idler-wheel... my friend Laurence did it... cleverly conceived and carefully machined in stainless-steel, using a proprietary O-ring in an "U" shaped rim... it adds still more control to the already impressive flywheel-effect of the heavier Shindo's platter and TTWeights Peripheral-ring vs. the original, all rubber idler-wheel...

Let's call it audibly improved "momentum" to the overall sound... as I noticed, using a carbon-fiber brush during disc playback - cartridge tip in the grooves - no apparent slowing-down is - now - noticeable... something which has, in real-life and music-sake, VERY impressive and positive effects in controlling micro-fluttering and, audibly, timbric coherence and real-life notes stability and decay.

I used (one of) my old reference recordings, Jimmy Giuffre 3 on ECM double vinyl... Steve Swallow's double-bass "E" open-string, is even more dramatically evolving and spreading, untamed and rock-steady, in the room, now extremely various from right fingers plucking to final, tiniest decay... very, very IMPRESSIVE!!!

Consider this humble, yet sensitive part to be one more step in audio and analog advancement... and a true, major achievement in vinyl reproduction (in my studio).

Bravo and thanks to Laurence!

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