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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deliblatska Peščara

Deliblatska Peščara (Делиблатска Пешчара) or Deliblato Sand is a sand situated in the Vojvodina province, Serbia. It is located in southern Banat (mostly in the South Banat District, with a smaller part in the Central Banat District). The sand is named after the village of Deliblato, which is situated in the municipality of Kovin. Deliblatska Peščara is the largest sandy terrain in Europe, once part of a vast prehistoric desert. It originated from the withdrawal of the Pannonian Sea. Deliblatska Peščara is also known under the nicknames "the European Sahara" and "the oldest desert in Europe". Due to its forest and surroundings, it was proclaimed to be the Special Nature Reserve. It is also an exclusive hunting area for hunters coming from western European countries.

Planning some offroad motorbiking there...

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