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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karl Hyde - Edgeland

A gorgeous 45 RPM double vinyl disc, the first solo album by Underworld's vocalist I recently found at Ivan's.

It was blinking to me from a shelf with its gimmicks cover, suddenly.

Karl is Third Millenium Thomas Dolby, some Bjork and, at a distance, some King Crimson with Greg Lake... all this GREATLY supported and magnified by a truly AMAZING, AWESOME recording and pressing: I shot the four sides under The Peak arm with Lumiere DST and... WOW, cannot sincerely think of a better sound.

A nice, NICE find, something which only happens in real world... at your trusty local records shop, as... also if the disc blinked in its gorgeously elegant, cool cover, Ivan - asked about the disc content - friendly and righteously simply said: "Yes, it's something you'll like."

... and Ivan is very seldom wrong.

Nuff said.

David Tibet's World(s)

He's one of my heroes... David Tibet is unworried to mix worlds and influences (see below...)


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David's music is also seldom heard... and a truly infinite source of inspiration.

I invite everyone to be not afraid to browse is his site and (almost) endless links.

Dead Live!

... NOT meaning literally, but... The Grateful Dead lives, indeed... and they're also playing and recorded live in Veneta, Oregon, on August 27th, 1972!

The Deads at their VERY best.

A Deadhead in my deepest and an avid Deads collector and scholar, owning whole discography and all  "Dick's Picks" and... and...

After my friend Reinhard's hint, I yesterday purchased the 4-discs (vinyls) on Rhino and... Holy Garcia!

It's amazing this group, almost a religion, I'd say;-) kept for its whole life, a variety and a never, ever boring character...

The classic tunes are always brand-new to the ears...

When this very morning I listened to side 6 "Dark Star", listened to so many, countless times... well, it was like an unheard tune, indeed... and Jerry Garcia's lead guitar is - sort-of - speaking with the voice of an humble pagan god, after some instrumental intro, his voice arrives, well...  I had a spontaneous ejaculation (...)

It's a gorgeous disc, pals.

Buy it... it's a limited-edition of 5.000 copies and... well, grab it before it's too late!

Ivy League Charity Naked Yoga...

... only for charity (sic!), or the best way to reach an higher respect for human body and the "other" sex?

Whenever I go naked, swimming or walking, while in Formentera or Stromboli's islands, I feel SO fine that it's almost painful being at the seaside in other places/beaches with swimming shorties, again!

That's what was said in the USA on the matter:

“It’s been incredible to learn that being naked is just fun!" Pacheco-Fores told the Daily Herald in September 2012. "Penises, vaginas, boobs, butts -- body parts that used to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable before now I just see as another part of another beautiful body."
Organizers told HuffPost in an email that last year's attendees were "extremely respectful, and we haven't had to worry much about our fellow students acting immature at these events."

Yes, folks... it's life school, it's not men peeping girls or viceversa, a machist approach, but affirming the "holy beauty" in ALL bodies, in Creation... it's learning from scratch, blaming over Church(es) dogmas of shyness and fear of sex, and enjoying life, sometimes naked - i.e. more sincere and unmasked... unfearful of the other sex... this newly reached confidence would avoid rapes and all related and a Renassance of better relationship between Men and Women!