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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Ear

Has been an incredibly troublesome and awesomely wonderful year... like life is, with its ups & downs and assorted niceties and nastyness...

Most important for us should be persuing the right mix of the above, standing up, always, in good shape after life-storms or whatever.

I wish you all to find the recipe for that mix...

... in a few words: a healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2016 everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Robbie Basho as a Young Dragoon

Thanking Kyle and Grass Tops Rec. - that's truly something in Robbie's spirit.

A gift to the the world... a better one.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NAT Audio Magnetostat

Magnetostat is a new reference point line stage made by NAT standards – transformer coupled pure triode class A with absolute zero feedback circuit configuration. Military grade type 6S31B-R output tube is used - represent high technology in vacuum tube manufacturing.

Cool piece of gear, worth knowing more about it... and all other NAT's products.

Thanking Gideon...

The Battle of the Century - Tzar DST vs. Neumann DST vs. Lumiere DST - the tondose challenge!

The Tondose Ultimate Battle!

The Battle of the Century will take over, soon... 

The Lumiere DST Type G built-in headshell (to my knowledge, possibly one of the few unflawed, well cared-for and properly, flawlessly, SUPERBLY, heavenly sounding samplers on the whole planet!) 


the N.O.S. Neumann DST white bakelite body 


the Tzar DST...


Thanking Robin Wyatt, Art Dudley, Frank Schroder... and - humbly said - yours truly.

Stay tuned, folks...

Ho, hooo, hooooooo!!!

Sounds Treasure

A treasure trove of British history is destined to be lost within the next 15 years.            
The British Library has warned that its unique archive of sound recordings dating back to the 1870s need to be digitised urgently or many will crumble to dust.

The library holds a collection of millions of recordings including the call of now-extinct birds, 40 years-worth of plays and even foghorn sounds.

A foghorn

... optimistic guessing about digital storage, uhh?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

... and now, something different... Massimo Ranieri's Canzone Napoletana Piccola Enciclopedia - Sony Music (2015)

... paraphrasing and lovingly quoting great Monty Pythons, I must share the following, as I got a musical thrill a few hours ago.

My wife musical tastes couldn't differ more from mine... yet, sometimes... when nice orchestral music, mostly adagios or vocal or vintage folk or pop is involved, our tastes collide and coincide.

As I often play the snobbish, critical, anti-pop music expert role, when she brought home a six disks deluxe set by one of her most beloved italian singers, Massimo Ranieri, I was ready grining about her choice... ha, that fried and refried muzak... blah!

I handled the fold-out, long bandoneon-like black and white cover... mmmmhhh, nice cover, I told myself...

I turned on her audio system and put in the Bang & Olufsen CD 5500 the first disk and...


Massimo Ranieri's last effort "Canzone Napoletana Piccola Enciclopedia" is a masterpiece, folks!

To many of you out there the name of Massimo Ranieri won't say that much, unless you are of Italian descent, yet now living somewhere else on the planet than your parents native Italy...

He's singing since he was a young, gifted kid... imagine he sailed to NYC with Sergio Bruni back in 1964.

An actor, both movie and theatre, a composer, a dancer, Massimo Ranieri also was one of my kate mom singers of choice and I grew with his music playing in the house... a pure, popular - in the very best extent of the term - voice... beautiful, easy, sing-a-long tunes which had the plus to be sang in the shower or around a campfire, with an accompanying guitar.

... but... but... BUT...

I wasn't prepared to "this" disk by mr. Ranieri... no!

Unfair, dear Massimo;-)

Must honestly add that arranger of the whole production has been Mauro Pagani, the musical elf whose Premiata Forneria Marconi and several other projects in a career spanning almost half a century made a better world and happier people.

His superb collaboration with the late, deeply missed Fabrizio De Andrè and his "Creuza de Ma", where the Genoa's beautiful dialect... ahem, language and Mauro Pagani's bouzouki and assorted percussions and beautiful Mediterranean/Eastern flavors enriched and made another timeless masterpiece.

Masterpiece... Mauro Pagani is a King Midas... everything he touches with his good taste and musical skills shines.

No exception: Ranieri's "Canzone Napoletana Piccola Enciclopedia" actually is a masterpiece, indeed!

Top class musicians were hired and collaborated on this project... the very best of the crop: Mauro Pagani, Ares Tavolazzi, Ellade Bandini, Paolo Jannacci, Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Morgan, Npa, Antonella Ruggiero... enough, pals?

The recording is also gorgeous in quality: recorded at Officine Meccaniche in Milan and mastered at Nautilus it's a true pleasure to the ears...

An humble me was, as I told you, expecting a Christmas' thick, heavy package... a listen-and-forget playlist of boring old Neapolitans songs, good for the elders, romantic, nostalgic...


My wife is still laughing at my face when the first and second and so on and on and on songs smoothly were played, last evening...

She also was surprised by the loving treatment these well known songs received...

As a true encyclopedia, as the title suggests, most of the most worldwide famous songs from Naples are covered... Torna a Surriento, Dicitencello Vuje, Malafemmena, Te Voglio bene Assaje, Reginella... all the above and more are sang and played with a care and a truly seldom heard loving approach and passion.

A labour of love... for this I must thanks my wife, Massimo Ranieri and Mauro Pagani.

I really enjoyed these disks immensely... and I suspect this box will age nicely in my - ahem - our discotheque;-)

I suggest to the most daredevils, yet romantic among you to take a chance on this... I bet you'll enjoy also if not speaking any Italian or Neapolitan, at all!

As we all know, music is the most universal of languages and at its best it transcends nationalities and cultures...

Check on Amazon or Ebay or at your local shop for Massimo Ranieri - Canzone Napoletana Piccola Enciclopedia - Sony Music/RCA 2015.

... ok, you owe me a beer.

... hooo... hoooooo... hoooooooooo!

P.S. - also exists a lighter 3 CDs version and an even slimmer 1 disk-only version...

Christmas' Disk Dept. - The Ritz - The Ritz - Denon PCM Digital 33CY-1839 (1987)

Just got this long awaited, sought-after gem in the mail... it's a swinging vocal/instrumental jazzy standards disk recorded live to 2 tracks with no overdubs or editing.

A true tour de force.

It's playing now and... well: it's among the most natural, beautiful vocal recordings in my stable.

Surf the web and try to locate a copy on this elusive disk... you won't regret... just beware of the hideously low recording-level... pay attention, as going on and on playing the disk, you could blow away your speakers with its dynamics!

Special lounging, even partying non-boring music for the upcoming festivities.

Ho, hoo, hoooo...

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Breaking news... new Newbilt vinyl discs presses made... long life to black vinyl records.

Newbilt’s double system featuring two presses and an extruder, hydraulic power supply and a trimming machine costs $161,250 while a single-press system will set you back $100,000. The company added that it hopes to develop a method of automating the machines in the not too distant future.

Read here for more...

Good news, indeed... 

Thanking Herbert...

Dr. Victor Grauer's Sounding The Depths... a musical journey...

“Sounding the Depths” is an innovative inquiry into the origins and deep history of some of humankind's most venerable and highly valued traditions, suggesting “solutions to mysteries that, until recently, were thought to be completely beyond the reach of systematic investigation.” Building on his many years of research on world music, the author draws on a wide range of anthropological, archaeological and biological evidence, with special emphasis on the revolutionary genetic research behind the widely discussed “Out of Africa” model of early human history. A major objective is to demonstrate that evidence distilled from the music of contemporary indigenous peoples can function as a kind of cultural “genome,” roughly analogous to the biological genome currently being explored by geneticists. Indeed, it is the author’s hope that his research may some day do for cultural history what population genetics is currently doing for our biological history; going, in both cases, all the way back to our beginnings in Africa. Written in a straightforward, non-academic style, this book should appeal to a wide range of readers, from anyone with an interest in world music, cultural evolution or early human history, to students and professionals in fields such as anthropology, archaeology, population genetics, ethnomusicology and pre-history. 

This book triggered a response in me much like the first time I glimpsed the iconic “Blue Marble” photo of the whole earth, shot from space in 1972. Victor Grauer’s big picture is of our historical world; the twin engines of the craft that took him far enough to fit it to that global frame are ethnomusicological and population genetics research, fueled by rich shots of cultural studies and linguistics. The psychological impact of his results is both as deeply familiar and as wildly novel as that of the Blue Marble, and may well loom and seep into our collective psyche like the same kind of gravity-well for human identity that it is. . . 

Mike Heffley, in the Journal of Folklore Research, Jan. 2012. 

Grauer . . . speaks definitively on how, where, why and when the musical style of our ancestors has spread around the world, and how and why it has survived today in specific places and situations. Musicology, heretofore in decline, finally seizes the fruit of a universal aspiration: only by studying the historical evolution of music can we understand the deep universal interconnections among human cultures. . . 
Freely translated from Stefano Zenni’s preface to the Italian translation (published as Musica dal profondo. Viaggio all'origine della storia e della cultura, by Codice Edizione). 

A truly enriching and eyes-opening book.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Telefunken M 15A and studio cart

At last... thanking Giorgio Foschi...

The Beast!

Luca Chiomenti's "The Joke" as an earphones amp

Some days ago, I undusted one of my three (yes, three, but;-) all different vintage and impedances;-))) classic, nicely kept Beyer DT-48 earphones - i.e. an 8 ohm sampler (thanking my pal Arnaldo).

I took from its shelf the Alps RK-50/The Joke 1,75W integrated-amp and an El Cheapo Philips CD-104 cd player, stuffs I had handy, just to give a listen to earphones sound, again.

It was a loooong time, since my last listening using an earphones... the Beyer DT-48 is a workhorse, widely used worldwide by professionals in cinema and television industry, using Nagra or Stellavox open-reels... but it's also one of the most natural sounding earspeakers ever made.

The aluminium ear domes, carved from a solid bullion, and the feather-like ultra-thin diaphragm are very, very much reminding a driver like the Altecs' or JBL's I used for years...

Sound is undistorted and untiring also if the monitor-like character and the vice-like pressure of the head-band would say "No, thanks!"... maybe the tube amp smoothed and made overall sound more gentle and silky sounding.

I placed some well known music into the old, trusty, vintage CD 104 and connected the Beyer's to The Joke with an adapter (bare wire to female 6,3 mm plug).

The dynamic was of exceptional quality, thundering low-end and shimmering, untiring, undistorted highs... I began from an excessive volume setting and after some minutes I found very natural to lower and lower the gain, obtaining a good compromise between explosiveness and comfort.

What I noticed, after a full disk (Keith Jarrett's, of course...) was that the gap between the earphones listening vs. the Gotorama isn't that wide - i.e. something I noticed years ago: the best my speakers/amps/system and ancillaries the less difference from the room resonances behavior and overall sound.

I called it a proof...

Now, please forgive me for being over-triumphant, maybe... Gotorama wins on virtually every aspect, now...

I mean: if bringing something like I above described at home, for intimate listening while seated on the sofa near my wife-watching-the-TV;-) earphones is a true, cheap winner.

... for the emotion, the full blossoming and beauty of the musical experience... now the Gotorama truly is completed, nothing is comparable to my large system.

Nothing, period.

Call me monsieur de Lapalisse;-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

... more about Hemiolia master-tapes...

… further considerations about Hemiolia master-tapes real-time dubs, folks…

As you’re possibly aware, I’m greatly enjoying my open-reel recorders and tapes, these days… it’s a long lasting love affaire, I must say… something which only occasionally remains sleepy to resurrect stronger than ever, from time to time, yet so strong and sincere… a love for life.

Some days ago, while picking up from Giorgio Foschi a pre-owned, original Telefunken studio cart for my M15A, I asked him if he had a tape for sale, an original pancake, not a sampler like I already had… and… YES!... he had the last copy of Hendrix played by Pannozzo…  my copy is # 225… and… my surprise was HUGE when I played the tape on my Gotorama!

The sound was even – to a large extent, I mean – better on many parameters – overall dynamic was impressive… almost painful vs. other media.

When I shared my findings and thoughts with Giorgio, he explained to me the RMG 900 Pyral tape has “this” improved dynamics character and behavior… yet, the sound is live, I measured SPL peaks of 108-110 db at 3,20 m from listening sweet spot on my IVIE IE-30 RTA… sound is undistorted, beefy, true-to-life, moving…

Hands automatically goes into invisible-guitar playing and some joyful yiiihaaaa! goes on, randomly…  my pal Arnaldo also experienced “this”, on last Saturday afternoon and, also if only playing the sampler copy, Pannozzo/Hendrix’ Hoochie Coochie Man track was giving shivers of joy, musical joy, to both of us.

This track alone is worth the tape cost!

The original full tape I recently got is as above and better… as a labour of love, I even undusted my editing skills and in half an hour  of careful work, I put Basf white tape among the tracks to further improve the pro-appearance of the tape and... to make things easier finding a track.  


Just kidding, but I will have to make a safe-copy of the tape for posterity as I cannot think being without this kind of awesome quality, anymore… as I really will be going to play this pancake more and more and more times…  the risk is wearing out the M15A heads;-(

Thanking Giorgio and Claudio of Hemiolia for their vision and good taste.

I wish to them the very best and success with their business.

Grab a copy of Pannozzo’s tape, pals… you won’t regret… by chance (or not…) it’s also the best seller in Hemiola’s catalogue!  

Friday, November 20, 2015

An Haiku

This morning, shortly before waking up, I fondly remembered my last evening reading, so enjoyable... sort-of realizing the miracle of reading, spreading of thoughts and things...

Silly me!

A short, haiku-like "thing" took form in my sleepy mind from the mists of the night...

I don't know why, yet after 52 years of reading and enjoying every page I read ever since, this early morning I felt blessed and grateful...

Reading: I'm sailing
the river of light
and knowledge.
In awe.

Feel better... also if Matsuo Basho, the Japanese master-poet, is someway angry and deluged in his graveyard;-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doubts and certainties

What can I say?

When I had the Le Classè A in my trunk (and some less bucks in my wallet…) I felt - one more time - ALL the weight of my music passion and audio passion… aehm: addiction;-)

I know people in their thirties who live like they are in their seventies+…  

I’m still perfecting my system and motorbike and… still buying new ties, taking care of my teeth and overall appearance.

I'm not an highlander, on the contrary...

... yet...

I’m still curious about life and learning and experiencing anew in every field of interest… buying and reading books and magazines… and surfing the WEB daily.

Why everyone is so different from each other?

Why something which is paramount for me is 100% crap for others?

Is music a food as important as a fruit-salad or a pizza?

Why I do feel different after listening to a record?

The ancient memories of a shiny past are still present in everyone's DNA... the trick is don't being deaf to the untold, always being curious about everything.

Why should I (sort-of) stopping to enjoy life and "toys" and having good time? In the name of what should I change my habits and tastes?

For my young nephews who only listen to iPhone?

Should I go for a self-defensing-mode life-style, thinking about an hopefully older me and different perspective and related needs and priorities?

Am I throwing away money or are stuffs money can buy (sort-of) salt to life?

Is living an interesting, always various, entertaining and worthwhile life the only way to justify everyone’s existence on Earth?

Is whole humankind a guinea-pigs stable for someone's large-scale experiments?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Isn't being kind, tolerant, emphatic and open to people and changes enough for a pacific living, without the redudant structure of virtually every religion?

Why waiting for after-death heaven instead of persuing it on earth?

... and hell?

Isn't it these days?

Doubts and certainties…

Sure living the now, the moment… 

… ‘til the last breathe.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hiraga Le Classe' A 30W amp - I today found a four leaf clover!

Yes, pals... searched for the fourth 30W golden face Hiraga Le Classe' A amp for at least five years... I mean FIVE years... already had three for multiamping my Gotorama - for low, mid and mid-high, while having to use a black 20W on high.

It was an obsession of mine... finding the fourth, last one to complete the multi-amping of my Gotorama's, I mean.

Sure I'm a middle-aged fussy kind of audiophile, yet really it wasn't only something aesthetic-related... the 30W 1,5 Farads caps amp is a beast and sounding very, I mean VERY different from its smaller brother... ahem, frere...

Ebay, Audiomarkt, Audiogon... nothing for years!

... and...

Thanking HiFiShark (great site!), I found - it was on last Friday, actually - a pristine, 100% original, unmodified, a truly sought-after piece of gear... years and years of search... also recently begging with a friend owning one, offering big money and... voilà, by chance, I found it.


A 727 km round-trip... this morning it was a 4 A.M. woke-up and for lunch I was back home... but everything was embarrassingly worthwhile, something so apparent when I installed the fourth 30W in my system.

My technical ignorance cannot explain... these amps own "the magic"... they're so smooth and relaxed and detailed.

Now... yes, now the Gotorama is truly complete.

The sense of cohesiveness is incredible... awesome... everything speaks such a common language... no amp is singing with a different voice... and the whole is - indeed - much more than the sum of the single parts!

Why such a change - i.e. putting the 30W on Goto SG 160 tweeters - is giving such a refinement... don't know... and most of all, I don't care.

I sort-of "knew" it was a good choice completing the quartet... something missing to my ears.

A tesseract... a green one ;-)

Had my four leaf clover... a very musical clover, indeed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Keith Jarrett - Paris/London - Testament (ECM - 3 disks-set - 2009) - Naked Music

I suddenly noticed I recently changed my listening habits – i.e. from someway feverish changing records and music genres, randomly into a more relaxed, focused and self-conscious mood…

I recently completed the listening to the whole Stephan Micus’ catalogue, one after one after one, one a day… amazing experience I had, folks…

This kind of full-time dedication and immersion really makes me - the listener - to go deep into artist soul, appreciating his maturing in a decades long time hiatus… a true, veritable aural journey!

Yesterday, dedicated my attention to another artist: Keith Jarrett.

I own dozens of KJ recordings and maybe beginning from Facing You or even older recordings would have been wiser, yet I decided to begin from most recent ones backward.

I handled the cool 3-disks set of Paris/London – Testament on ECM, of course.

Mr. Jarrett’s piano solo represents a true mistery and not only music-wise, a veritable peak in human artistry.

The above mentioned disk booklet and liner notes gives an in-deep insight into both the man and the artist, a fragile, often naked, sincere individual who - to reach the extreme relaxation needed to afford his improvised tour-de-force concerts – needs a sum of conditions, friendly cohort, prescriptions to makes the music flowing.

Keith Jarrett talks and share this and more: personal eveniences like his wives names and leaving, his sadness and fragility, the tears after a concert, while bowing to the audience, his chemical connection with audience able to make a superb or just good concert.

His love for Japanese audience, so religiously silent and respectful of the effort and energies involved in these total happenings.

I still remember Jarrett and his trio at Arena in Verona, years ago… he was furious about people flashing their cameras and coughing… so furious to interrupt the concert abruptly…

Me and many others hated him…

After reading the a.m. Paris/London Testament 3-disks set I better, much better understood his uniqueness and deep involvement into his - I dare - mission, even better than after reading his superb biography, a long interview with Kinihiko Yamashita of (not by chance...) JazzLife  - Japan,  titled "Inner Views" (also if I love italian title “Il mio Desiderio Feroce”).

It’s like a gifted musician be himself, firsthand, surprised by the complexity of music flowing, always different, from his mind and fingers to the listener… he’s sure afraid and worried about eventually loosing The Gift, yet he cannot do nothing but rehearsing for hands dexterity and keeping his mind clean and quiet.

He really must protect his art and playing skills, ferociously, also.

Only at these conditions, after, as he points it out, 60+ years of music, something happens while seated at the grand-piano… puffing and sweating and humming and playing like in a trance.

I listened to the three disks in a row – i.e. Salle Pleyel in Paris, first, then Royal Albert Hall in London…  I read the liner notes, his confessions and feelings… and the music hitted me so deeply and intensely with its beauty.

Other adjectives could sound redundant… beauty is beauty, as universal as it can be.

No hypes needed, at all…

I feel that – these days – I couldn’t be less interested in audio, while I couldn’t be more into music as a total experience involving mind and body.

Imagine a chef… how many times is he talking about ovens and the like… ingredients, raw veggies and assorted are his world, but, even more, always, the dish - its aesthetic appearance and taste - is the goal.

I’ll never, ever waste my (precious) time left talking about “ovens”… music is soooo vastly much more important than audio gears to reproduce it, as it’s sharing it around.

My testament, as well?  


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Frank Zappa - 200 Motels (The Suites)

"I would say that the outrageous aspects of Zappa are perhaps less important for today's audience," Salonen told Variety in an interview before the 2013 performance. "We're witnessing an historical moment where we can actually hear the other aspects of his music better because we are no longer stunned by the outrageousness. Reading this score now, there is a sheer richness of fantasy. He had such a vivid imagination in every way."
"The stars aligned in the Vault of All Ideas and in the canopy over the main stage at Disney Hall." Gail Zappa
"For those of us who were lucky enough to be at Disney Hall on the 23 rd of October, 2013, it will remain as defining an experience as Woodstock, or our first hearing of Bernstein's West Side Story, or Stravinsky's Rite of Spring." Frank Filipetti

"You all know 200 Motels from the record and the movie. Now you'll know it as a brand new, totally-different-yet-the-same record and the one-off performance you'll never get to see (unless you were there, of course)." Scott Thunes
"200 Motels and 1000 light years had passed and we left that once-in-a-lifetime moment with love in our hearts and deafening appreciation of Frank Zappa's monumental posthumous triumph ringing in our ears." Michael Des Barres
FRANK ZAPPA: 200 Motels (The Suites) [2-CD; digital]
1. Overture [2:17]
2. Went On The Road [1:41]
3. Centerville [2:24]
4. This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich [10:15]
5. The Restaurant Scene [4:23]
6. Touring Can Make You Crazy [2:06]
7. What's The Name Of Your Group? [11:46]
8. Can I Help You With This Dummy? [2:33]
9. The Pleated Gazelle [21:00]
1. I'm Stealing The Room [13:44]
2. Shove It Right In [7:26]
3. Penis Dimension [9:58]
4. Strictly Genteel [11:14]
SOURCE Zappa Records/UMe

Friday, October 30, 2015

Stephan Micus & the Art of Music Layers

Time warps going on in my head… every evening - since ten days ago - I’m taking a shot of Stephan Micus’ music, as I own every disc and disk he recorder on Virgin, Japo o ECM labels.

Not a couple tracks, then swapping to other discs… a full length disk, religiously placed in the Studer or Meridian disk-player and then listened to day after day after day in its completeness adds an incredible strength to the musical experience, like a puzzle takes shape.


I must say that music – every kind of music – has its moment: if you try to listen to a Micus’ disk and you’re not in the moods, you could get nervous in a few moments…

… but if your mood is right, well… you could be transported in different worlds and ages.

I’m listening to Stephan’s music since early ‘70s…

Even Bob Dylan, Tom Waits or Neil Young, also if I love them, are not on my top listenings list since a long time…  I admit I listen to this stellar artists very, very randomly… a Master of War, a Blue Valentine or a Cinnamon Girl may sound - someway - outdated also if -  I repeat  - I love them a lot.

... not with Stephan Micus: every Stephan's disc I enjoyed since early ‘70s is an unique timeless aural experience, layers and layers of exotic and weird instruments from the most fat away areas of the planet which Stephan brought back home from his years and years on the road in Asia and Africa.

His vocals are most of the times sounding wordless… his chanting is timeless, hinting to eternity, as watching in awe to the stars from the top of a mountain.

Yesterday evening, while listening to the SMDotD (Stephan Micus Disk of the Day) –  i.e. ”Life” on ECM (of course…), I really listened to this music relaxed and my mind was clear and empty like a winter blue sky.

The impression when the last track arrived and the Studer’s stopped was like I re-opened the eyes… not my conventional, physical eyes, but my inner eyes.

The tracks were so different one from the other…

A soundtrack for dreaming… a time machine, a tele-transportation tool to a Laddakh monastery.

Rock, jazz, folk, classical, ethnic… every term is both appropriate and unappropriate… world music, maybe is a good adjective, but not the pastiche seldom heard under this label.

It’s lounging and healing music… not, never ever boring… only mystic and religious as it can be.

When I briefly met him after a SUPERB concert in Bergamo, some years ago… I found a simple man, travelling light: a sho, a shakuachi, a ney and a duduk, plus his voice and some on-the-fly loops were enough for him… everything was contained in an old suitcase.

No limo, bodyguards, groupies… a very personal journey shared with the world: music & soul, soul & music, like a pagan prayer to an ancient god… maybe a spirit from eons ago.

The aural spaceship was easily ready to go…

In my tiny studio, listening to Stephan Micus’ music on a regular basis as I’m doing these days is like I’m adding – listen after listen – truth and knowledge to my real understanding.

Only caveat?

This seems to be the real, truest world vs. the everyday life… a world of beauty supersedes the conventional way of life, heart beating is slower and quieter, like breathing.

Only music, are you asking?

No, much more… a new way of life.