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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doubts and certainties

What can I say?

When I had the Le Classè A in my trunk (and some less bucks in my wallet…) I felt - one more time - ALL the weight of my music passion and audio passion… aehm: addiction;-)

I know people in their thirties who live like they are in their seventies+…  

I’m still perfecting my system and motorbike and… still buying new ties, taking care of my teeth and overall appearance.

I'm not an highlander, on the contrary...

... yet...

I’m still curious about life and learning and experiencing anew in every field of interest… buying and reading books and magazines… and surfing the WEB daily.

Why everyone is so different from each other?

Why something which is paramount for me is 100% crap for others?

Is music a food as important as a fruit-salad or a pizza?

Why I do feel different after listening to a record?

The ancient memories of a shiny past are still present in everyone's DNA... the trick is don't being deaf to the untold, always being curious about everything.

Why should I (sort-of) stopping to enjoy life and "toys" and having good time? In the name of what should I change my habits and tastes?

For my young nephews who only listen to iPhone?

Should I go for a self-defensing-mode life-style, thinking about an hopefully older me and different perspective and related needs and priorities?

Am I throwing away money or are stuffs money can buy (sort-of) salt to life?

Is living an interesting, always various, entertaining and worthwhile life the only way to justify everyone’s existence on Earth?

Is whole humankind a guinea-pigs stable for someone's large-scale experiments?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Isn't being kind, tolerant, emphatic and open to people and changes enough for a pacific living, without the redudant structure of virtually every religion?

Why waiting for after-death heaven instead of persuing it on earth?

... and hell?

Isn't it these days?

Doubts and certainties…

Sure living the now, the moment… 

… ‘til the last breathe.

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