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Friday, October 26, 2018

Maria Kazantseva visited Studietto

... such a pleasure...

As you see, Maria stands near Gotorama and - in the background - TAS' "Goodear" silkscreen: she sure is a goodear, very passionate and music loving, but also a wonderful young woman who brings joy to everyone has the pleasure to meet.

Спасибо, Мария Казанцева ... До скорой встречи.

Bitches Brew revamped!

If someone doesn't have this...

... it's time to grab it!

Monday, October 22, 2018


There is a so subtle pleasure in listening to Miles' Bitches Brew on Tandberg 9200-XD through the old trusty Tandberg 114-116-8 speakers...

The overall sound makes music so enjoyable and no brainer, like when a younger me was, simply and plainly, enjoying music at the radio and later on the first audio system.

At the time I was only a music lover, not an audiophile... so curious and hungry of new music...

The 9,5 cm/s Bitches Brew flows better than any Blue Ray disk I'm aware of... strange enough, it's not a matter of frequency range and distortion percentage, but it concerns music: the musical intensity is almost painful, intense, the sound isn't more important than music.

My limited vocabulary makes me sadly not able to better describe the sense of complete aural-confortnest... when Miles with his unique gravely voice sweetly call for "John" (McLaughlin)'s guitar its an epiphany: it seems the mix to be different from vinyl or CD, as the balance is so intellegible and communicative!

It's organic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

From A to Z - those where the days...

... tubes-wise...

... many of the materials are quite poisonous and not allowed in current industrial productions.


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Denon DP-26 by Soundlabo

Why, ohhhh why DO I LOVE this very turntable from 1954?

€ 1


This can be the cost for a gem!

Go and browse the WEB for this very wax, folks... it's such a nugget... sparkling and zest... 

... don't expect music for the soul... but it will give shivers of joy!

The perfect rainy Saturday afternoon...

... yes, perfect for music and audio pleasure.

... master-dubbing for a friend (that's why Garrardzilla is OFF, under its plexiglas cover)... healing from last week stresses...