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Monday, June 2, 2008

Berlin Audio Nights 2008 - The (short) Story

... Berlin's siren-song worked again... its people, its energy, the sun, the trees, the bikes... the girls & the bikes;-)... the beer... all worked SO well I'm still, after some hours back home, deeply moved... I'm missing U-Bahn U2 and the great Kraftwerk's soundtrack to this great city... that "Vitamine" from Tour de France me and my friends so often played in our pilgrimage in audio and music lovers homes, 'til few hours ago.

The idea of these "audio nights" was quite simple: people opening their homes for friends coming from Switzerland, UK, USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and Germany... chatting, enjoying dinner and brunches all together, listening to music, swapping ideas, hints, experiences, witty comments on what we grooved into for two well packed days of music and audio.

... as I wrote, this is a short story or, better yet... more a "Thanks" which can't be delayed from myself as an humble part of this crazy bunch... thanks to anyone for the warm welcome I received and for the SO interesting, nice chatting we had during these days, for learning a lot from everyone... thanks to Thomas Schick, Birgit, little Aaron and his Orangina - for friendship, hosting, brunch and Klangfilm sound, to Doug Eisemann and his kindness and knowledge - a true pleasure meeting you, Doug! - to Thomas Mayer and Hildegard - hoping to keep in touch and seeing soon, to Marc, Ralf and Bernd - my pilgrimage partners, to Michael Ulbrich for his good taste in music and kindness, to Peter for the nice beer pit-stop near his music-missing place, to Christoph for the superb music, good taste and great sound, to Frank "Dr. Sardonicus" Schroeder for witty approach, knowledge, truly superb sound and nice music - thanks for "Song for Drella", Frank... to Heiner Martion for great, GREAT sound, to Uwe and Zsolt and Ivan for being the beautiful personas they are... to Jonathan's witty, interesting Trans-Siberian's adventure et al.

... the above being not intended as an highlights list... only some sincere, random flashes... but, as Ivan told me at 2 A.M. after Nam Ngo's "Tube King Restaurant" dinner, while returning to our places in Prenzlauer Berg... "I enjoyed immensely"

... me too, Ivan...

(to be continued...)