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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Desert Island disc 🥇


Kees Otten, Tojohiko Satoh, Marius van Altena, Rita Dams… such a dream team and the music and recording are just incredible… one of the best Telefunkens’ in my discotheque 🥇

An MCI family portrait


Friday, October 21, 2022

PDU - Produzione Dischi Ultrafonici 2.0 - the Mina's project for Third Millennium


… or, if you prefer: Platten Durcharbeitung Ultraphone was (and still is) a label founded by Giacomo Mazzini - Mina’s dad - in 1967 and devoted to produce and market his daughter’s music, first and later other top artists.

Mr. Massimiliano Pani - Mina’s son and manager of and Lugano’s studio - and his team (Michele di Lernia, Celeste Frigo, Marco Bosisio and others) today presented to the press in Milan, in a luxurious location in Piazza Duomo, Milan’s heart, the brand-new project:

This already is a reality, an online-shop of very limited edition (2000 copies per title) vinyl records, fully produced (pressed and printed) in Italy and mastered in Lugano,Switzerland.

The available titles are at the moment ten: some Mina’s, Domenico Modugno, Ivano Fossati, Sergio Caputo… but other artists and titles will be added to the catalog.

What’s unique to the project is all discs will only be available at PDU online-shop, no Amazon.

Furthermore, beside the carefully, lovingly made vinyls, an even more limited edition of same titles are available to the collectors worldwide as 1/4” 2 tracks 15 IPS/CCIR reel to reel tapes, painstakingly made one-by-one dubbing the original master-tape. The production will be of 25 pieces per title, very limited due to the € 500 cost. The whole process is fully under in-house control of Marco Bosisio and Celeste Frigo, both very skilled and passionate technicians and recordists.

The back of each tape-box is printed on scratch-proof vinyl 🥇

Marco Bosisio and Massimiliano Pani (with Duomo in foreground)

Mina 🥇🥇🥇

The premium Italian vinyl-discs pressing facility 🥇

The press-kit🥇

… and some of well-known journalists attending at the PDU’s event:

Marino Bartoletti

Mario Luzzato-Fegiz

Celeste Frigo and yours truly…

A jazzy Mina’s covers/standards disc just out on PDU: judge by yourself the quality 🥇

The event location entry

What a view🥇

One of Mina’s tapes 🥇

The metal reels are precision-made, self-centering, bespoke stainless steel not those anodized-aluminum so often found around!

When digital masters were involved, a very transparent and no-frill, uncompromising and uncompressed dubbing was used to preserve best master quality.

Mr. Pani - who publicly self-professed himself as “an audiophile” - cleverly pointed out the niche, low-digits/highest quality, aims to occupy: as premium quality olive oil has a cost, these products are priced accordingly… BUT the booklet, vinyl pressings and limited-edition makes the difference vs. a mass-produced item.

These discs and tapes are at the very Zenith of technology and quality, so folks: let’s stop to consider as “super-discs” only products coming from U.S.A. or UK… Italians are second to none!

Please take your time to browse the PDU’s site… an in-deep review of open-reels tapes will be in my agenda in the very next weeks.

Stay tuned and… long live those lunatics never tired of searching, experimenting and sharing Beauty.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Jefferson Airplane got a Star 🤩


At last, well deserved 🥂

Yesterday was a monumental day in Jefferson Airplane history... the band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Grace, Jack, and Jorma accepted their awards on behalf of the Airplane. 

The band pioneered the music that defined the '60s counterculture movement, and to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame symbolizes the impact the band made on music history and pop culture.

Friday, October 14, 2022