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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tibet & Tibbetts

I love Steve Tibbetts and Tibet... if a pix tells more than 100 words, a song is worth a book!


Have a listen to this nice music... it's full of compassion and love for Tibet and Its People... and Now, when the newspapers are almost silent on the matter... NOW it's the very moment to wish to Dalai Lama and His People to live in peace in their ancient Holy Land.

Namastè! Om Mani Padme Hum! Amen!

"Buddhism is the only religion that doesn't promise anything. Only suggests we work with ourselves fundamentally."

--Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

Friday, April 25, 2008

Slate and audio

Few days ago I went to Liguria for shopping... no, no pesto, trofie and the like... BUT, slate!

This wonderful, natural, almost sexy material has some vibes taming properties which, I must admit with regret, I wasn't aware of...

I had a 60 x 60 x 8 cm slab custom made at a slate workshop and placed, with some troubles due to the 90 kilos weight, under the Garrard 301/Shindo with my bronze arm-base, Schick 12 inches arm and Lumiere DST cartridge.

Under the slab I placed my "RollingPods"... the 140 kilos total-weight monster is controlling sound and vibes... while granito or marble are "singing" materials, slate is self-dampening, giving to music a shiny, true-to-life patina... nonetheless, dynamics are GREATLY improved, the inter-notes silence is more "here", more important in music as it is at a concert...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Selfconsciousness in Sound

The Void (Sanskrit: Shunyata. Tibetan: Tong-pa-nyi.)- The Buddhist conception of the ultimate nature of reality. Refers specifically to the lack of an inherently existent self in all phenomena and beings.

... and that's what I got... as I meditate, I don't want... things happens, by chance... purer than pure, no will, no wishes... things - sometimes - find me.

Unsaid, mysterious worlds are all around... let's give our truest, inner very Self the possibility to blossom... only an empty, quiet mind is able to see and hear the Very Essence of World... call it God if you can't absolutely avoid it... but it's higher, no need for books, priests, monks, churches... be your Cathedral the Universe... be your Bishop and Pope...

Sound is your Holy Book... and the above "only" from a century old Tibetan singing bowl I (quite) recently found in an humble, small street market... Its double tone, soooo deep ringing has been sort-of a switch for me... "ON"... no, better: "OM"...

Chanting and meditating on these heavenly sounds is like I found a diamond in the mud, which shines and shines, endlessly...


Some more practical infos:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Il 19 aprile c'è il RecordStoreDay. "Nessun luogo può cambiare la tua anima più dei piccoli negozi di dischi". Forse ha proprio ragione lo scrittore inglese Nick Hornby, che li venera con la forza di un culto: tra quegli scaffali pieni di titoli entri chitarrista ed esci batterista, arrivi per chiedere l'ultimo successo in classifica ma c'è sempre qualcuno capace di farti cambiare idea, di farti scoprire un mondo, di darti una chance per crescere e per diventare migliore. "Cosa ascolti quando entri nel tuo negozio favorito per il download?" si chiede Nick Hornby. "Niente. E chi incontri? Nessuno. Chi ti consiglierà di smetterla di ascoltare questo e di cominciare ad ascoltare quest'altro? I negozi di dischi non possono salvarti la vita, ma possono dartene una migliore". Tanto entusiasmo viene condiviso anche da Don Was, musicista e per anni produttore di Bob Dylan e dei Rolling Stones: "In principio fu il negozio di dischi, un tempio moderno con i suoi sacerdoti e i suoi iniziati, santo ricettacolo dei ritmi e delle rime più sacre. In confronto" osserva il musicista di Detroit "Internet sembra un'asettica stanza d'ospedale". (LaRepubblica, 9 aprile).
Che cosa sarebbe stata la (mia) vita senza musica?