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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Art of Improvisation


"There has to be some degree of not only unfamiliarity, but incompatibility with a partner. Otherwise, what are you improvising?"

Derek Bailey


Disc of the Day - Adrianne Lenker - Songs and Instrumentals


A nice, nice poetic solo album, 100% analog recording (nice shots of home studio with Studer mixer,  Neumann U87 microphone and assorted old-school gears.

I strongly suggest everyone loving acoustic guitars and those pastoral laid-back atmospheres to grab the vinyl disc… while supplies last.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Remembering two beautiful souls, passed this very same day


They were both leading forces of The Jefferson Airplane and the fate re-united them also in the sad, last journey.


Martin D28 1931 Authentic (2017)


Adirondack soundboard, scalloped Adirondack bracing, Madagascar rosewood, herringbone binding…

A wonderful player 🥇

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Maria Meneghini Callas (1958)






Yes! Attila… Attila Zoller is a personal fave and a fantastic player, a guitarist’s guitarist.

I recently found a couple of cool discs at Mirco’s shop to add to the few titles I already owned.

One of them is an Enja/MPS Direct-to-Disc recording, recorded live in the studio straight to Neumann VMS-70 lathe.

Sound is awesome, like the playing.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022



Please notice the right-side Agfa vintage three-tape buttonholes AEG bobby, so user-friendly.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The city looks so far…


… and it’s countryside only 10 minutes from downtown!

Nothing compares to walking on grass and mud… best way to feel connected, grounded to the planet we live on.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022

An experiment of censorship - Gustave Courbet, Orlan, Robert Mapplethorpe, Marlene Dumas, Muzi Fan and freedom of expression


A statement: we shouldn’t be worried or afraid or shameful of our bodies and nudity.

… don’t call me obsessive on the matter, folks… 

I’m just pondering and considering how nature, plain anatomy  and artistic interpretation of reproductive organs and naked body is such a taboo on social media and commonly seen as "dirty", inappropriate and raw.

To me, this is just a mystery… let’s think about Japanese culture, where they are not afraid of penis or vagina, but pubic hairs 😱

Mr. Z.’s obsession for female boobs and nipples is legendary and seldom seen… almost amusing his continuous FB patrolling on the matter 🥳 

Everything should be put in perspective: on porn and its endless declinations, the female and male bodies are shown in private activities, exploited, sometimes brutalized.

I admit a youngster eye could be disturbed and wrongly suggested on how to approach the beauty of sex.

… but Courbet and Orlan’s paintings, well: they just show where everything begins… and the provoking titles are truly mind boggling food for thought.



Why am I talking about that? Because an artist should be free to show his interpretation of human body… modesty is for God-fearing not an artist

Marlene Dumas

Dumas’ images are coming from a distorted,  parallel world,  a Cronenberg-tinted universe.

Marlene Dumas’ oniric self-vision is - these days - quite emblematic and intriguing… and her vision is Muzi Fan's - a young talented artist and a dear friend  - strong inspiration…

Muzi Fan

Like Andy Warhol did, in Muzi Fan’s paintings and photographs, the artist’s body is the subject of further and further exploration, and the artist becomes art, herself.

When mind goes “beyond”, art blossoms, naturally... sublimated shapes and colors, more than anatomy.

Fist of love 

A last example: after several years deeply into detailed human body portraits, last Robert Mapplethorpe’s flowers are - to me - more sensual than any of above images… 


… because the world isn’t as we see it, but as we imagine it.

P.S. - as an experiment about WEB censorship, as expected, this post received  a label of “adult content” and a red-tag - i.e. - if you are reading this you had to press a “go ahead” advice… that’s the current position, the state of art, of WEB body-shame and judgement about any art form. The role of any artist is pushing that limit, as freedom of expression is paramount, against bigotry and prudery.

P.P.S. - now post has been “reintegrated” and censorship removed…

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Studer A730 wire-remote control


Quite proud of this plexiglas L-shaped remote-control holder I designed and built 15+ years ago.

Shape & function.

The twin of my own one resides in Tokyo.


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Art & Anatomy - the beauty of vagina


What is Matisse, Jeff Koons, Pollock, Arcimboldo, Basquiat, Moore, Seurat, Roy Lichtenstein, Miró, Dalì, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and others would be going to give their interpretation of this anatomical part?