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Friday, March 31, 2023

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Michael Hedges’ Oracle


Hi folks - the upcoming feature documentary about #MichaelHedges is 62% funded on the crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark:

Michael was my father, and his brother (my uncle) Brendan Hedges and I have teamed up to interview our family, Michael's friends, collaborators and fans, and craft a first-of-its-kind documentary about his life and music. We have an amazing team of advisors and industry collaborators to bring this project to life - and we'd love your support.

Consider joining 520+ supporters of this project by making a contribution to help finish and release this film!

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tim Buckley on cassette


Music of my youth 🥇and listening to it on cassette reminds the sound of my early audio system.

Monday, March 20, 2023



A cassette of HIGHEST quality 🥇

New products from IK Audio


I got an interesting leaflet from Iliya of IK Audio, a very nice accessories for vibes taming and control from Bulgaria.

Please feel free to contact Iliya for more informations and prices.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Is Jordan-Watts “the best loudspeaker”?



The Jordan-Ways loudspeaker is probably the most fundamentally correct sound reproducing device designed to date and it owes much of its remarkable performace to its basic simplicity. It began with a detailed study of the current state of the art in sound recording and reproduction, what new developments had taken place, what new materials were now available, and what were the requirements necessary for absolute accuracy in converting electrical energy into sound, regardless of cost, size, method, or "the way it has always been done".

The study showed that origins still strongly influenced design, the first "loudspeaker" being a small megaphone attached ot the earpiece fo a telephone receiver to form an elementary pressure unit. Flat diaphragms transmuted to cones and electro-magnetic development passed through the stages of moving iron, energised magnets, moving coils, permanent magnets, and as amplifier powers increased so did the size of loudspeaker cones, thus creating intermodulation distortion problems. This distortion si usually reduced by using two or more sizes of loudspeaker in each enclosure, coupled by crossover networks, so that each unit reproduces a limited band of frequencies. Different loudspeakers however, create different qualities fo sound and with the additional effect of crossover roughness, there remains ag a p between results and perfection. Furthermore the reactive element of crossovers adversely affects performance of some transistorised amplifiers.

Correct diaphragm design and size are of paramount importance in a loudspeaker. The *ideal piston* (an imaginary device having infinite rigidity and no mass) had often been quoteda s the ultimate in diaphragms design, but in practice such properties were unsuitable for wide range sound propagation.

These ideals are widely believed to be essential for good transient response and the avoidance of cone "break-up", but theoretically this is not so. Consider thin glass and lead foil as diaphragm materials. The rigid glass diaphragm on being struck would continue to ring for some seconds, an effect which in loudspeaker terms would be very poor transient response and serious cone break-up. The lead diaphragm would produce no more than the sound of the impact, showing on hangover, a very desirable reaction for a loudspeaker cone. yet lead is far softer and denser than glass. There is no inherent advantage in making a cone merely light or rigid unless these properties are related to many more

complex factors in the design.

To achieve a smooth and extended high frequency response and this is the difficult region--the effective area of the diaphragm must decrease with elevating frequency in accordance with a mathematical law, and to avoid intermodulation distortion the diaphragm diameter should not exceed about four inches. (10 cms.) These characteristics, so different from the "Ideal piston" can only occur in a diaphragm having mass and flexibility and driven at one point on its surface. They exist only in a SINGLE cone loudspeaker, which is why this type has remained supreme for fifty years.

Jordan-Watts had first to perfect a diaphragm that behaved in accordance with that law and had then to create conditions necessary for it to generate distortion-free sound radiation at an acceptable power level and efficiency. Because the optimum diameter for the diaphragm is only 4", a b o u t one third of the conventional size for high fidelity loudspeakers, Jordan-Watts designed a radically new cantilever metal suspension system to permit the large movement necessary to achieve radiated power at low frequenciesand to apply some axial restoring force to the voice coil. Every minute detail has received the same careful thought, using new ideas and new materials to create a loudspeaker of faultless performance which sets a newstandard of clarity and definition in sound reproduction. Here are some of the Jordan-Watts advanced design features:

.1 Acoustically correct size and profileof non-rigid metal diaphragm.

Proper mechanical termination at diaphragm edge and centre to prevent unwanted resonances and break-up. An ingenious flexible collar decouples the mass of the suspension system from the coil at high frequencies thus extending the level response and aiding the excellent mid-range polar radiation

.3 Triple copper alloy t a n g e n t i a l c o i l s u s p e n s i o n s y s t e m a l l o w s l a r g e e x c u r s i o n s without distortion. Unaffected by climate and does not sag with ageing as is unavoidable in

corrugated cloth discs. The suspension provides the electrical circuit to the coil.

4. its lightweight coil remains completely immersed in the deep magnet gap, even at maximum amplitude, to ensure superb transient response,Coil heat is dissipated through an aluminium former. Metal and plastic construction, unaffected by climate or humidity.

5. Massive, rigid, an inert chassis and magnet system improves efficiency of moving parts and provides a rear radiation area four times that of the diaphragm and a magnet area greater than that of the diaphragm.

6. Each module is acoustically damped to maintain linear low frequency response an advantage over electromagnetic damping because it applies equally over the entire diephragm surface instead of only the centre. This also maintains the correct damping factor where two or more modules are mounted in the same enciosure.

7. The small diaphragm area enables correspondingly small enclosures to provide superb bass performance.

8. Standing wave problems are negligible because (a) with small enclosures the relevant frequencies are high, (b) the metal diaphragm is three times less transparent acoustically than is paper (c) the open area of the front baffle is small (d) the module itself is acoustically damped.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Thuono Audio - a new cat’s in town


I had the pleasure to attend at the opening (I was the first visitor/guest) of an audio atelier devoted to analog in Thiene, a small, lovely and busy town 20 north of Vicenza.

The company, a three members team, is handled by Gino Bonollo, his daughter Eleonora and Mattia Rigon.

After several years of R&D and decades of passion and love for music, some truly outstanding turntables are available to the discerning enthusiasts; the level of building quality is seldom seen and the prices are - sincerely - über-honest!

The turntable is offered in three models, all sharing the magnetically suspended chassis: platters are 300, 350 and 400 mm ø and list price will surprise everybody.

The bespoke four ways, multi-amped reference speakers.

A 12” and 13” arm is also offered and the combo’s sound is clear, detailed and natural.

Please get in touch with Thuono Audio if  - as I did - you’ll fall in love with the elegance and class of these turntables.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

From California with love: Alembic bass 🥇


A Masterpiece, the Rolls-Royce of electric-basses 🥇 (as seen at my luthier workshop).

Remembering Jack Casady and Phil Lesh’s playing 🥇

50th Anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon


… not my most beloved Pink Floyd’s disc, but - hey! - happy birthday to this great record 🥂


Stephan Micus - Thunder (2023)


I own ALL records and CDs Stephan Micus issued and follow him and enjoy his music since early ‘70s 🎶🥇🎶

This last disk is a masterpiece and first-class recording serves music beautifully.

Do you a favor: buy it!!!


Seldom seen 3M Model M23 analog studio tape recorder: if it was good for Ray and Pete…