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Sunday, April 14, 2024

I dearly love Meredith Monk 💫


Oldest records shop in the world 💫


The world's oldest record store: Spillers Records, est. 1894, at it's original location, Queen's Arcade, Cardiff, Wales.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Music is back 💫


I was forced to be stuck at home for some weeks without my beloved music in my Studietto, but… today, at last, I spent three hours with a dear friend listening to some still unplayed records I piled up.

What can I say?

A masterpiece with a stellar musicians bunch

US pressing, mastered by Bernie Grundman 🥇

Garrardzilla with The Peak 13” and Analogtechnik’s Ice Age 💫

The pleasure of good company, sharing music and chatting is priceless… and the Analogtechnik’s Ice Age cartridge is well-played, now and in full bloom in 13” The Peak arm… amazing!

The overall sound is truly cohesive and coherent - every part of the audio system is working in harmony, nothing disturb the life-like flowing of interwoven musical beauty.

Magical, indeed… 

Thanks to my pal Silvio for enjoying with me… Music 💫🎼💫

Holiday Inn & The Who


Thanks to Michael Trei for the following:

“When I arrived for AXPONA, I noticed that my hotel was tucked in behind another abandoned hotel. Curious, I did a little research, and found that this shuttered Holiday Inn has an interesting history. 

Opened in 1966, The Who stayed here in June 1967 when they played at a club called The Cellar in nearby Arlington Heights. This was about a month before they were banned for life from all Holiday Inns following Keith Moon's 21st birthday party in Flint Michigan.

The show at The Cellar was cut short to about 15 minutes, due to the band violating some kind of local noise ordinance, so the band smashed their equipment and retired to the hotel earlier than usual. Back at the hotel, Pete Townshend started working on the plot and lyrics for Tommy using stationery from the hotel, nearly two years before the album was completed. Townshend also said in his autobiography that it was here that he had his first spiritual awakening.

The Rolling Meadows Holiday Inn closed in 2018, and is slated for demolition later this year.”

Great insight, Michael 💫🙏💫

Monday, April 1, 2024

Audio Origami Harlequin 39” arm


Introducing the Harlequin, the world's first 39" (1 meter) tonearm.

It is widely accepted that the larger your record collection, the larger the tonearm you require to bring out the best in each recording. Audio Origami has recognised this need and developed an extra-long arm with the rigidity necessary for people with large decks.

Based on Audio Origami's foolproof PU7, the new 39" Harlequin arm delivers a super laid-back presentation with unparalleled dynamics.

The armtube is made from Robustium, a new alloy with a naturally occurring carbon lattice that is nine times harder than diamond. Spacex currently uses Robustium to support Elon's ego.

Due to the inherent flammability of Robustium upon contact with moisture, we strongly advise using the included AO-branded Kevlar-coated gloves and eye protectors when handling the Harlequin.

Available 1st April

To order please call: 0123 456 789

Have a nice April’s Fool day 🥂