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Monday, April 1, 2024

Audio Origami Harlequin 39” arm


Introducing the Harlequin, the world's first 39" (1 meter) tonearm.

It is widely accepted that the larger your record collection, the larger the tonearm you require to bring out the best in each recording. Audio Origami has recognised this need and developed an extra-long arm with the rigidity necessary for people with large decks.

Based on Audio Origami's foolproof PU7, the new 39" Harlequin arm delivers a super laid-back presentation with unparalleled dynamics.

The armtube is made from Robustium, a new alloy with a naturally occurring carbon lattice that is nine times harder than diamond. Spacex currently uses Robustium to support Elon's ego.

Due to the inherent flammability of Robustium upon contact with moisture, we strongly advise using the included AO-branded Kevlar-coated gloves and eye protectors when handling the Harlequin.

Available 1st April

To order please call: 0123 456 789

Have a nice April’s Fool day 🥂

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