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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Toumani Diabate passed away ❤️‍🩹


A big tree has fallen…

From Derek Gripper, his long time friend and collaborator:

“ Doc. You were the greatest of inspirations to me. I have played two composer’s music without stopping for twenty years, yours and Bach’s. They have always been two sides of the same coin for me. I’m pleased to say I got to meet you. An honour to have met and spent musical time with one of Africa’s greatest composers. Peace be upon you. A great musician has passed. Toumani Diabaté. #kaira #kora #toumanidiabate @toumanidiabatemusic.  Doc. Vous avez été ma plus grande source d’inspiration. J’ai joué la musique de deux compositeurs sans arrêt pendant vingt ans, la vôtre et celle de Bach. Pour moi, ils ont toujours été les deux faces d’une même pièce. Je suis heureux de dire que j’ai eu la chance de vous rencontrer. C’est un honneur d’avoir rencontré et passé du temps musical avec l’un des plus grands compositeurs d’Afrique. Que la paix soit avec vous. Un grand musicien nous a quittés. Toumani Diabaté.”

I’ll play his majestic “The Mandè Variations”, today… a musical genius.

He was 58 years old 😥


Tuesday, July 16, 2024

A Dadaist act…


This is not a ReVox… 

… it’s a banana 😏😉😏

(Actually a friend laser-proofing)


Why not?


There is a “world day” for everything, so: why not for beloved lute?


Friday, July 12, 2024

My Studietto at Goto’s Hall of Fame in Japan


At Tomohiro-san’s workshop in Osaka, Japan.

Thanks to my pal Liam Porr for sharing.


Sunday, July 7, 2024

Schopper’s bronze platter for Thorens TD-124


A gorgeous Swiss-made product (with a bit of Italian’s artisan artistry to restore it to brand-new shiny appearance 😉😏😉) which pushes the classic turntable even higher… it sounds soooo right and detailed 💫🥇💫

Thanks to my pal Jürg 🙏

Friday, July 5, 2024

Just an old door 💫


The old door of The Troubadour Folk Club.

It was at 265 Old Bromton Rd, London.

Probably must be London's oldest continously 

running Folk-club, since 1956.

Martin Winsor and Redd Sullivan were the owner

for many years, it was a simple Coffee-House.

They had an incredible archive of old photos,

a list of people who sung at the Troubadour:

Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon,

Stefan Grossman, Nigel Denver, Sandy Denny, Bert Jansch... 

The list is infinite...

Someone has told me that Nick Drake was there

a couple of times, playing the piano that was

at the basement. Maybe just a legend… but a nice one 💫

Accordeongly 😉


Thursday, July 4, 2024

The Happy Audiophiles


Our happiness gets smaller as we get older. As children, our joys are simple and abundant: a sunny day, a favorite toy, a loving hug. Our smiles are wide, our laughter contagious.

But as we grow older, our happiness becomes more elusive. We chase bigger dreams, only to find that they don't fulfill us as deeply as we thought. We accumulate more possessions, but they don't bring us the joy we once found in simple pleasures.


We become more cautious, more jaded, more critical. Our smiles fade, our laughter becomes less frequent. We start to believe that happiness is a luxury we can no longer afford.

But what if we're looking at happiness through the wrong lens? What if we're chasing the wrong things? What if happiness is not something we find, but something we create?

In a few days I visited my pal Marco’s place in Bologna twice, introducing him to four new friends: Misho and Yanislav & Altin and Franco.

What I learned from my (humble) Charon’s role is that - yes - happiness exists and it’s elusive as the scent of fresh haystacks or rain, but when you experience you’ll never forget.

Happiness is in the eyes of friends deeply enjoying each other’s company, sharing music and chatting, never tired of late night driving back home.

It’s a blinking, wet eye in the dimmed light during an heavenly Haendel or Bach’s piece…

It’s a palpable feeling I so much love, which is exponentially enhanced “knowing” friends are feeling the very same.

Priceless 💫

I love this picture 💫

For many, owning expensive and sought-after audio gears is a form of onanistic autoeroticism, a power affirmation of sort… something not practiced among us.

I apologize with my audio-obsessed friends for not entering into audio details; that’s not important affirming Goto SG-1880 sounds absolutely gorgeously or a Neumann DST62 cartridge mounted on a Thorens TD-124 is insanely good…


We’re after happiness, we’re (music-induced) serotonin and dopamine addicted  😂😵‍💫😉😂 and eargasms-seekers… our audio adult-toys aren’t made to impress fellows but functional to above search… we’re hungry for happiness.

Something which becomes sublime nectar if sipped in good company with best friends.

Let's rediscover the joy of the little things. Let's embrace the beauty of simplicity. Let's find happiness in the present moment - hic et nunc - not in some distant future.

Happiness is not a destination, but a journey.


P.S. - it’s not necessary to spend zillions in audio ancillaries to be happy 😏😉😏 as who finds a friend finds a treasure 💎

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Ivan passed away…


My friend, my records pusher for 30+ years, an awesome human being, a music hedonist and an avid cyclist… suddenly passed away in the sleep.

… and I’m devastated.


Mark-Almond’s Rising


Maybe (one of) the most perfect disks I own in my collection… of course, I grew up listening to my gorgeous vinyl disc, but I still greatly enjoy this Japanese edition CD.

This quite underrated group is among my most beloved and I fell in love for Jon Mark since he was part of John Mayall’s group (The Turning Point, Jazz/Blues Fusion).

Such a masterpiece, a soundtrack for my happiest, yet bluesy moments.


A Nipper’s obsession


Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Frippy 💫


"Any fool can play something difficult, but to play something simple requires skill." 

Robert Fripp




… and ready for new fullness…

That’s how life works, ever-changing.