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Friday, April 28, 2023



A new old stock, never used, premium studio AGFA PER528 1/4” tape is a quite a eare find, these days.

My tape of choice, the VERY best: you cannot compare a recording on this tape to shitty, crappy, wannabe actually mass-produced tapes 🤮

Lord of the Rings


Sunday, April 23, 2023

As per Frank Zappa’s wise suggestion


“Don’t eat the yellow snow” FZ

(Screenshots from original FZ-fueled cartoon)


Friday, April 21, 2023

The Western Electric Bathtub


I believe this photo was of the first public demonstration of the German AEG Magnetophon audio tape recorder, at the 1947 AES Convention in San Francisco. This Magnetophon, as captured by the U.S. Signal Corps. and brought back to the U.S. as a spoil of war, was demonstrated at this AES convention by Jack Mullin, the engineer who brought the Magnetophon to the U.S. Mullin was closely associated with Ampex during their early years, and he can be seen in the left of the image.

Thursday, April 20, 2023



From Atlanta festival, July 4th, 1970


The very me 🎶


Thanking for this picture my friend Prof. Tullio Mauro who honored me with his esteem and friendship: he captured my attention and concentration during a recording.

I admit is a strange experience looking at this picture as it masterfully captures the moment 🎶🎶🎶

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Bob Dylan & Claudia Cardinale


 BOB DYLAN ~~ Blonde On Blonde: Columbia (((mono)))Folk/Psych Double LP from 1966 original Pressing sought after DELETED Claudia Cardinale photo cover.
 33 RPM

Friday, April 14, 2023

Gibson ES-355 Stereo stolen at Eric Schoenberg’s shop in Tiburon, California


This beauty was recently stolen at Eric’s shop… beware buyers worldwide 😎

1974 ES-355 Stereo  #554007: Stolen from Schoenberg Guitars in Tiburon CA (Marin County)

Please be on the lookout! Call 415-786-6146 or email:


Love will do ❤️ - hooray for the rhino


[Text by Mario Salis] The photography that is traveling around the world.  One of the last two white rhinos left on the planet, guarded 24 hours a day by a military so that poachers do not kill it.  With this photo, taken at a nature reserve in central Kenya, Matjaz Krivic won the award of "best travel photographer of 2022".

Claudio Banelli - Seahorse (2023)


Just got this CD recorded in marvelous ADD from my friend Claudio Banelli, a young yet talented musician from the Udine province, living in a small village in the mountains in his grand-grandparents old stone house where he also recorded and produced the recording.

I knew Claudio some years ago so I appreciated his growing up as a musician and a singer: his musical heroes are sometimes ghosting here and there (Nick Drake, David Crosby) but his very own voice is sincere and unique.

He recorded this music in the old stone house using vintage Neumann and AKG mikes and minimalist, no frills producing and the result is awesome: sometimes you seems to recognize sounds, atmosphere and music… it’s not copy-catting, it’s music traveling straight to your heart… this music is fresh, sincere, intimate and poetic.

Something which doesn’t often happens.

I wish Claudio the best he deserves. 🍀

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Details 🎶


My ‘76 Gibson L5 CES and vintage ‘60s strap