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Friday, July 30, 2021

2021 musicians’ fees from music platforms


That’s a cashier’s check a musician get for his music from Spotify, Qubouz, Tidal and the likes…

That’s offensive and unfair and this picture would be enough for any music lover to buy records and CDs straight from the artist or record companies.


Jimi’s diary


Insightful reading from Jimi Hendrix’ diary.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021



The secret (easily) unveiled 😱

Standards war 😱

Monday, July 26, 2021

Naked chess playing with Marcel Duchamp


John McLaughlin and furry friend Chico in St. Moritz


Free or for free?


Decca Test Pressing 🥇🎶🥇


Bought this 6 single-sides records-set years ago: it’s an SXL 2188 stereo test pressing in mono LXT 5539 package, Von Karajan conducted, John Culshaw produced masterpiece recorded at Sofiensaal in Wien.

Maestro Von Karajan concentrating 

It sounds AWESOME and it’s one of my Desert Island musical possessions.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Misho Myronov/Yanislav Yankov’s new Patent


We went to the National Patent Bureau yesterday, and finally have got an officially issued printed copies of patent (well, it was issued on a paper almost a year ago, and more than year ago in an electronic form) but the whole situation was not really welcoming for traveling).

Congratulation to us :)

PS: Since it's not always easy to understand - the patented principle is to use transformer in a serial crossover as both - inductance in a LF section of the crossover, and lossless attenuator of HF section.

From Misho’s words:

“So, we can do very simple while providing with versality (see one of the pics), use loseless attenuation (I hate losses in a resistive dividers or attenuators), providing with the DC decoupling in a first order serial crossover, etc.

And simplicity. I love simplicity.

One more thing. The middle point of the crossover should have ONLY LF signal, so the transformer will see on its primary Full freq. range signal at the top end, and LF signal at the lower end. So, HF range across the primary. So, this is why we MUST use a C (capacitor) in this type of crossover.”

Me too, Misho!

Congratulations to Yanislav and you 🥂🥂🥂

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sakamoto & Toop


An avant-garde evening with the legendary duo.

Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Toop’s 2018 concert is being released on vinyl for the first time, as Garden Of Shadows And Light, via 33-33 this July.

The performance saw Sakamoto on piano, percussion and electric guitar, with Toop on flute, bass recorder, and prepared lap steel guitar.

Taking an improvisational approach, the duo focused on creating a spacious a sonic world over a larger, more coherent musical structure

Saturday, July 3, 2021

New from Spindr - a one-of-the-kind Thorens TD-124


Still an idler-wheel design, with a solid aluminum plinth and bronze platter, using the same bespoke bearing of Spindr Garrard 301…

A new Spindr project:
we will start production of the update for your original Thorens TD-124 player in a limited first edition.
The original mechanism, motor and serial number will be re-used, so your iconic player will keep its beloved soul, and stay Idler-driven.
Only 21 players will be hand-build in the Netherlands in this edition, 9 players in the 9 inch version and 12 in the 12 inch version.
The upgrade includes:
Integrated heavy deck and plinth, machined from a solid aluminum block, soft coated on the inside
Oversized bronze heavy platter, coated in black
Cast Iron, nickel plated motor mount on an aluminum baseplate, fully detached from the deck
Motor overhaul by a well-known Garrard and Thorens specialist
Spindr’s conical cast iron, nickel plated bearing housing and matching spindle with low friction coating
Hidden deep in the bearing is a vibration absorber, our player's best kept secret up till now
Wooden board for your tonearm
For our strobe we generate an independent 50 Hz frequency, so that it always flashes at a constant and fixed frequency
Dampening feet supporting the plinth
The 21 limited editions include:
Your specific player will be personalized by having your name engraved
Each of the players will have a specific color, to be chosen by you
Aluminum anodized turntable platter mat
Matching 124 record puck
The player will be delivered in an exclusive flight case
The build of your unique player will be documented, and a photobook will be included in the case
Attached are some pictures of the TD-124 12 inch player upgrade by Spindr in their chosen colors.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions!
With kind regards, Huib & Dick

Nice stuffs from The Netherlands 🥇