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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Amber sound - new mono DaVa cartridge from Lithuania

DaVa MONO Vintage FC cartridge starts the line of DaVa MONO cartridges. Everybody knows, that old mono vinyls were recorded in direct cutting way. It needed minimum of recording equipment. 

It gave high result in emotional sense of music.This cartridge was created to raise that listening in the other, new level. 

It is based on the same electromagnetic technology and built using cactus cantilever . It is designed in old schooled patination matched with traditional my nation’s amber found in the Baltic sea and widely used in producing many kinds of jewelry and decorations.

I didn’t expect its sound to be so powerful, to contain the legend of pure music. It seems the music goes through your mind and body, you can feel its delicate vibrations on your skin. 

The line of DaVa MONO FC cartridges will include : 1. current DaVa MONO FC Vintage cartridge (only for mono vinyls), 2 . DaVa MONO FC (for mono and stereo vinyls) . 3. DaVa MONO FC 78. The principle of generator construction has never been used in any cartridges before,it is unique . All of them have 0,2 Mv output.

Kudos to Darius for his new creation.

A different point of view?

A necessary approach, these days...

I very seldom listen to my Gotorama and many activities, including hauling heavy stuffs helped by my cool, strong nephew (impossible handling my Studer C37 without his help) are postponed to better, future days...

I'm mostly enjoying my wife company at home with the musical comfort of small system (Chiomenti's Lo Scherzo with RK50 Alps pot, Grundig Audiorama 7000 and Spotify Premium via MacBook).

The last time I went to my Studietto, I was able to turn ON the system and spin some disc and reel and... what I got seemed like an epiphany - i.e. the days I spent without the highest definition/dyamic system improved my experience to a new level of overall satisfaction, orgasm... aehm, eargasm-like.

It's like when looking at an awesome landscape... if you look first-hand it's much more than if you live there.

The humble conclusion? 

As I already noticed in the past, music is faaaaar mooooore important and necessary to me than most gears on the planet and I could live without my electronics and ancillaries... BUT - also if it's such a joy listening to it on Gotrorama with my blah, blah, blah... - I couldn't live without the music I lived with most of my life.

Stay safe and healthy, folks...

Love everyone.