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Friday, December 11, 2020

What a disc!🥇🥇🥇


Do you know the sensation: you’re dreaming, you are deeeep into it, then - suddenly - after the weirdest dreams, you find in a more normal scenario - i.e. you someway know you’ve to stop dreaming, you’ve to wake up, go to job etc. ...  BUT, just before exiting from under the blankets, you realize it’s Saturday! Immense happiness! You turn your head in the pillow tasting happiness at its best. Well: something like this - a scaled-down version - happened today.

I found a double records-set I bought years ago, likely after reading an enthusiastic review on Mojo magazine, but never listened to...

It’s a 45 RPM 180gr vinyl of highest quality, both recording and music-wise... it sounds unique, seldom heard music, very English-sounding, reminiscent of Talk-Talk, early David Sylvian and... The Beatles in acid 😱

I enjoyed the four sides in a row... 

Didn’t check if it’s still available or our-of-print, but I suggest you to surf EBay or Discogs to find your copy: you won’t regret!

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