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Friday, April 9, 2021

Flea Market gems - Carmen on RCA Soria


Today I visited a second-hand warehouse in town and found some interesting stuffs and... three cool discs.

One is this superb RCSA’s...

A Studer C37 was used for recording these fantastic discs.

A 3-discs Soria RCA complete of booklet in mint conditions at the cost of a coffee, well... this made my day!

Monday, April 5, 2021

Sad Pig Dance - Dave Evans passed away...


... in Belgium where he lived, a few hours ago.

I’m pretty sure the “pig” isn’t dancing, today, and it’s even sadder than ever 😢.

Mr. Evans has been a guitarists’ guitarist, a fantastic musician, and an unique and poetic voice in late ‘60s and early ‘70s folk clubs circuit.

I corresponded with him in 2009 and he was extremely kind and supportive with my interest for his music and I was able - in decades of studying  - to fondly play (not mastering) some of his superb compositions - i.e. The Galtee Hunt, Sad Pig Dance, Braziliana and others.

Please read here more about this great, humble, sincere artist.

I wish to express my condolences to his family... he’ll live forever through his music.

I’m sad, too...


Some info about mr. Dave Evans:

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Politics and politicians


Breaking news - Analog Technik’s DST15 cartridge from Germany


Painstackingly hand-made in Germany by... an operatic singer!

He sure knows the great merits of venerable Neumann DST and DST62 cartridges.

Here is a drooling pictures selection from the workshop: just amazing wormanship 🥇🥇🥇

They are available both as DST15 (stereo) and DMT15 (mono)... only two per month are made to order, prices upon request to be addressed to mr. Dong Bum Kim/Analog Technik, email: siemensklangfilm-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

It can be ordered in both diamond/Neumann-EMT and EIA/SME mounts.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Borgato handmade grand-piano


Proudly handmade, one at a time and accordingly priced, in Sossano, Vicenza (Italy).

These instruments represent the Zenith of piano making.

Happy 50th anniversary


Rarest 7” twins discs


Two pearls from the duo Andre Levy-Andre Collard on French Lumen LD1-432A and LD1- 433A, 45rpm, 7 inch Extended Plays (EP) original mono pressings from 1950, issued in two individual covers in rare design  couplings 

This is a rarest recital from them "Un Violoncelle Chante".

Andre Levy, cello, accompanied by Andre Collard at the piano. 

This is one of Holy Grails of French cello recitals on compact vinyl pressings.

Thanking Saulo Zucchello,