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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Studio Alchemist's premium NAB reel-to-reel adapter

My friend River Yu and his Studio Alchemist from Taiwan strikes again... these NAB adapters are of seldom seen quality and beauty and goes beyond the ubiquitous aluminum/plastic adapters broadly available on the market.

I must add that I prefer the plain version with no brand name... my opinion, yet... BRAVO!

Proud gorgeousness or a racing Garrard 301 plinth

... yes, my best pal Lo masterfully completed the plinth with several layers of Ferrari Rosso Monza automotive lacquer and finished with protective shining transparent paint... then further and final mirror polishing with thin paste and wool...

... without and...

... with transparent lacquer.

Already shiny, yet it will be even more... even;-)

Northern Electric R-14849A SUT

A seldom seen beauty from a long gone era...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Disc of the month - Oswald von Wolkenstein - Lieder (Telefunken 1974)

Look at the 14th Century portrait of this gentleman...

Herr von Wolkenstein was a member of South Tyrol rural aristocracy... a bard and a traveller, his broad journeys led him from Syria to Turkey to Burgundy and beyond...

Look at his eyes, so well captured on the painting... these eyes saw the world and learned a lot!

His Lieder (songs) talk about these travels, and about love as most of songs of any vintage do...

... I already had a disc on EMI Reflexe series and appreciated the melodies and instruments blend: lute, hand drums, bells, recorder and voices...

The EMI's was a great disc of great music... BUT this very disc is of another league: Othmar Costa's ensemble is masterfully recorded with a sense of playful joyousness.

The tenor and baritone voices are amazing, carved in space, surrounded and embroidered by historic instruments well serving music.

Superb, seldom heard music, sounding both ancient and brand-new.

This AW-Telefunken sound is recorded with one of a kind skill, as well... it's one of the humble super-discs you dream to find in any second-hand records-bin.

If you find in brand-new conditions for a coffee-tip at a flea-market, well... it's an epiphany!

As usual, I invite every serious music lover to search and find this very wax...

OK, ok... you're welcome.

The Birth of the Cool (Plinth)

A plinth for any turntable is more than an holder for turntable, itself... idler-wheel, belt-driven or direct-drive, a plinth add and enhance the character of the turntable.

I spent many years with beech plywood plinths for my Garrard 301s and 401... then discovered for my personal use, the awesome merits of slate plinth: same sonic footprint than beech, only more.

Recently wished to explore again beech plinth for a superb 301 Schedule 1 I acquired... new project, Gray (with Denon DL102 mono) and Karmadon (with Lumiere DST) broadcast arms.

Here is a quick report of the finishing and preparing for paint work to-come.

The primer...

The oldie but goldie... 

Stay tuned...

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Joni Mitchell & David Hockney

Love this very picture... it makes me happy seeing Ms. Mitchell standing after her health troubles and makes me feel getting older less troublesome... the two artists are so elegant and full of life.

A truly heart-warming image. 

Joni Mitchell and David Hockney at L.A. Louver gallery in Los Angeles on Feb. 28th, 2019, where Mr. Hockney’s solo exhibition is on view.

Thanking The New York Times.