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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Birth of the Cool (Plinth)

A plinth for any turntable is more than an holder for turntable, itself... idler-wheel, belt-driven or direct-drive, a plinth add and enhance the character of the turntable.

I spent many years with beech plywood plinths for my Garrard 301s and 401... then discovered for my personal use, the awesome merits of slate plinth: same sonic footprint than beech, only more.

Recently wished to explore again beech plinth for a superb 301 Schedule 1 I acquired... new project, Gray (with Denon DL102 mono) and Karmadon (with Lumiere DST) broadcast arms.

Here is a quick report of the finishing and preparing for paint work to-come.

The primer...

The oldie but goldie... 

Stay tuned...

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