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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

... more about Hemiolia master-tapes...

… further considerations about Hemiolia master-tapes real-time dubs, folks…

As you’re possibly aware, I’m greatly enjoying my open-reel recorders and tapes, these days… it’s a long lasting love affaire, I must say… something which only occasionally remains sleepy to resurrect stronger than ever, from time to time, yet so strong and sincere… a love for life.

Some days ago, while picking up from Giorgio Foschi a pre-owned, original Telefunken studio cart for my M15A, I asked him if he had a tape for sale, an original pancake, not a sampler like I already had… and… YES!... he had the last copy of Hendrix played by Pannozzo…  my copy is # 225… and… my surprise was HUGE when I played the tape on my Gotorama!

The sound was even – to a large extent, I mean – better on many parameters – overall dynamic was impressive… almost painful vs. other media.

When I shared my findings and thoughts with Giorgio, he explained to me the RMG 900 Pyral tape has “this” improved dynamics character and behavior… yet, the sound is live, I measured SPL peaks of 108-110 db at 3,20 m from listening sweet spot on my IVIE IE-30 RTA… sound is undistorted, beefy, true-to-life, moving…

Hands automatically goes into invisible-guitar playing and some joyful yiiihaaaa! goes on, randomly…  my pal Arnaldo also experienced “this”, on last Saturday afternoon and, also if only playing the sampler copy, Pannozzo/Hendrix’ Hoochie Coochie Man track was giving shivers of joy, musical joy, to both of us.

This track alone is worth the tape cost!

The original full tape I recently got is as above and better… as a labour of love, I even undusted my editing skills and in half an hour  of careful work, I put Basf white tape among the tracks to further improve the pro-appearance of the tape and... to make things easier finding a track.  


Just kidding, but I will have to make a safe-copy of the tape for posterity as I cannot think being without this kind of awesome quality, anymore… as I really will be going to play this pancake more and more and more times…  the risk is wearing out the M15A heads;-(

Thanking Giorgio and Claudio of Hemiolia for their vision and good taste.

I wish to them the very best and success with their business.

Grab a copy of Pannozzo’s tape, pals… you won’t regret… by chance (or not…) it’s also the best seller in Hemiola’s catalogue!  

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