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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hiraga Le Classe' A 30W amp - I today found a four leaf clover!

Yes, pals... searched for the fourth 30W golden face Hiraga Le Classe' A amp for at least five years... I mean FIVE years... already had three for multiamping my Gotorama - for low, mid and mid-high, while having to use a black 20W on high.

It was an obsession of mine... finding the fourth, last one to complete the multi-amping of my Gotorama's, I mean.

Sure I'm a middle-aged fussy kind of audiophile, yet really it wasn't only something aesthetic-related... the 30W 1,5 Farads caps amp is a beast and sounding very, I mean VERY different from its smaller brother... ahem, frere...

Ebay, Audiomarkt, Audiogon... nothing for years!

... and...

Thanking HiFiShark (great site!), I found - it was on last Friday, actually - a pristine, 100% original, unmodified, a truly sought-after piece of gear... years and years of search... also recently begging with a friend owning one, offering big money and... voilà, by chance, I found it.


A 727 km round-trip... this morning it was a 4 A.M. woke-up and for lunch I was back home... but everything was embarrassingly worthwhile, something so apparent when I installed the fourth 30W in my system.

My technical ignorance cannot explain... these amps own "the magic"... they're so smooth and relaxed and detailed.

Now... yes, now the Gotorama is truly complete.

The sense of cohesiveness is incredible... awesome... everything speaks such a common language... no amp is singing with a different voice... and the whole is - indeed - much more than the sum of the single parts!

Why such a change - i.e. putting the 30W on Goto SG 160 tweeters - is giving such a refinement... don't know... and most of all, I don't care.

I sort-of "knew" it was a good choice completing the quartet... something missing to my ears.

A tesseract... a green one ;-)

Had my four leaf clover... a very musical clover, indeed.


John said...

Sometimes the wait is truly worth it.

Beau said...

Congratulations on the completion of your quest!

Guess this means I will have to come back and listen to the completed system! :)


twogoodears said...

Thanks, John!

twogoodears said...

Thanks, Beau! What about your Neumann DST62@? Got it? ... and?

Beau said...

Unfortunately it was a scam. He went as far as setting up his own website for a logistics company and escrow. Luckily enough the bank he was using was in Poland and my bank is in the Polish area of Brooklyn so direct communication was easy and all funds were recovered.

I have tried to warn the site that it is a scam but the advert was still listed last time I looked.

Still on the look out for a Neumann but most likely won't be a bargain when I find one. :) I am hoping to take possession of another holy grail soon, a Fairchild 750 turntable.

I hopefully will make it to Munich in May to enjoy some German hospitality.


twogoodears said...

Glad you recovered your money... S.O.B. bastards! See you in München, next year...

Unknown said...


Let's see how mine will turn out. I have material for two of them.