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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The "Maggid of Mesritsch" - Chassidic wisdom, audio and music understanding

Chassidism offers to modern consciousness quite awesome intuitions, so often hidden in tales, old teachings and popular wisdom(s) from old book of Jewish ancient tradition.

The Maggid of Mesritsch is devoted - among other topics - to the several things of the world which cannot be explained, grabbed: something which exists, everyone can see and touch its "before" and its "after", but cannot be fully explained or captured in its very "present" essence.

Maybe a someway ingenuous, naive theory, yet Maggid's precept is a window on a quite intriguing and important truth: before creation there is void and emptiness, before new and originality, before success and satisfaction, there is always emptiness - i.e. the wait, something which the mind isn't able to express in full.

Every change goes through nullness and voidness, like the seed is destroyed to give life to the flower; in music, the last note you heard is linked to the next you'll hear, but brand-new and present and alive like the previous is decaying and dead and so on and on... that's - maybe - the sense of movement and lively surprise music gives us!

Death is the necessary passage, the door to (new) life... and also the VERY origin to the fear of changes...

Like a friend of mine, while listening to my music system in its incarnation of, say, four years ago, told me "I'd not touch anything!"... his "fear of changes" made me to think about approaches to experimenting and "going ahead"... it's something you can bespoke to all and every life facts.

... and I well remember that, braveheartedly, after few hours I COMPLETELY dismantled my audio system as my friend tasted and enjoyed and changed drivers, amps, tubes, cables... I had to "kill" my previous rig, suffering for some weeks to optimize and digest changes and, like a re-birth, I went beyond and advanced of some steps in quality, improving overall sonic and musical satisfaction... BUT, as per above mentioned Jewish's knowledge, had to go through death (dismantling gears and cabling and set-up) and re-birth (new hardware, gears and fine tuning).

That's life... and death and changes are part of it.

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