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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puente Celeste's Nama on M + A Recordings

I always appreciated Todd Garfinkle's M + A Recordings since it appeared on the market, many years ago, and own and cherish about 20 or so recordings, including some AWESOME vinyls (Ito Ema's Bach and Salterio by Begona Olavide w. Paniagua musical family).

This is the less M + A recording you can imagine and I'm aware of... it's hardly sporting ANY ambience, at all... yet, Todd Garfinkle, having to face up with a less than perfect recording venue in Buenos Aires... did it.

Musicians are performing in front of you, the listener... with amazing trueness and realism: at first listening it appears as a cold and analytic recording, but it's so correct in timbres and dynamics and soundstage = musicians placement, it quickly transform from a duckling sonic weirdo into a swan recording!.

It's M + A and it is not... have a read here and... grab it, without any fear at all.

You'll love this music, as I do...

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