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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WJAAS - Japan, audio & earthquake... show must go on!

Just received this e-mail from a friend from Yokohama-shi, Japan:

"Dear Stefano san,

Thank you very much for such a kind e-mail.

I also have a pain to hear that this disaster many attacked many
peoples and their lives in northeastern Japanese coasts.

I, my family, friends and colleagues are all fine!
On 11th, we had heavy quakes twice in Yokohama.
Fortunately, my house and office was safe, and there were no tsunami

My audio equipments are also safe.

Now, eastern Japan area is lack of electric power due to damage or in
maintenance of many power plants.
So from tomorrow, we will have sporadic power shutdown for 3-4
Therefore, our working activities shall be limited.

One anxious thing is, at a moment, a meltdown of atomic power plants in
Fukushima, where is 250km northward from Tokyo.

But, I believe that this crisis will be ceased by the effort of the
electric company.
Because, we (Japanese) have a technology to build extremely robust
power plants which resisted from huge earthquakes,
only huge tsunami were not considered when it was built.

Again, we are all fine. Japan will recover in near future!

PS, If you have an interest on this message, you may present this in
your blog as a message from a Japanese audiophile.



... I'm sure doing this, Kazumasa-san... sincerely hoping the destruction and suffering which already hit Japan sooo heavily will be not worstened by Fukushima plant troubles.

I find that "... my audio equipment is safe..." a true gem, hinting ALL the strength of a Man whose passion and dedication is as strong as life itself...

... and an optimist, always great Nihonjin approach: great people with - maybe - strongest national identity on the Planet...

I sincerely trust things will be very soon going better, for you all.

Thanks, of course, to Kazumasa-san and his great message... I feel MUCH better knowing you, family, friends ... and your fantastic audio/music system are safe!

Take care, pal: Haru no Kaze and Hanami with the sound and smell of cherry flowers in the springtime wind will arrive, as every year, with their healing power!


John said...

I cannot get over what is happening over there.
I've been to Japan on four different occasions and really, really love the place, the people, the culture, the, food, their love for all things refined.
I'm totally and utterly heart sick at the moment.
Hopefully, we shall be able to visit again later in the year.


Unknown said...

Stefano san, Thank you for introducing my message. The situation of the atomic power plants is serious, but I still believe. Although many peoples are not prefer to listen music at a moment, I am encouraging to hear this song with a pray.