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Friday, March 4, 2011

Multiamping - hell or heaven? Doubts and hopes...

... considering the recent upgrade to active, Class A multi-amping of the Gotorama, using an impressive plethora of original Hiraga's 8, 20, 30 watts designs, I began fiddling around a new 4-stereo channels, gainclone one-of-a-kind custom project for a friend on a shoe-string - i.e. a single chassis amp to cheaply multiamp his horn system.

Future will say if, surprisingly, the lower noise-floor will possibly improve perceived transparency and introspectiveness, hoping also coupled with good timbres and balance vs. his actual 300B SET amp - so romantic, yet harmonically rich - used with a 2nd order passive x-over... like it happens, my friend was - plainly said - amazed by the actual sound of my newly updated system, he who followed ALL my various steps and incarnations in sound-shaping in the years.

Comparing to my previous rig, he fell in love with the improved, HUGE headroom between silent background AND dynamics and the beautiful, grainless, smooth liquidness of the Hiragas' in my system.

Will he enjoy the cheaper, yet cool "gainclone" Quadriamp like I do with my Hiragas' and Goto CF-1 3rd order x-over?

I expect to be surprised, maybe also amazed, as being prejudicious about this or that proved, in my case/on my skin, always a bad choice;-)

Will gainclones sound lively and 3D or quite flat and lifeless vs. (my own) Class A?

I trust an honest final result will be possibly reached... so I hope!

Ears only will tell us.

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