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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eau de Cologne - another delayed, yet GREAT (musical) by-product of visiting Klaus and Reinhard

Yes, folks... since a superb weekend I spent on last November with Klaus and Reinhard and their respective Gotoramas of the many positiveness I brought home - i.e. friendship, audio and music related - I consider a disk to be a true highlight!

I still have in my braincells the so strong impression "La Bamba" by The O-Zone Percussion Group directed by Gary Olmstead on Klavier K 77017 gave to me at Klaus' place... a masterpiece of subterrean percussions, marimbas, guiros, congas and the like... something to put to shame "Dafos"!!!
All the disk is a true masterpiece and a true aural roller-coaster and a possible nightmare for any audio system... it hurts and shakes the buildings plinths... BUT it's one of the most impressive and enjoyable percussions recordings I'm aware of!

On Track 10 - "Jazz Variants" - a simple, almost (musically) banal tune, but a sonic dream - you and your audio rig will be possibly reaching your limits, as the speakers are digesting and returning to the listener an IMPRESSIVE quantity of different, extremely various percussive sounds and dynamics, from largest orchestral BIG drum, to tympanis to glockespiels and such a load is of orgasm-like quality!

I also enjoyed this disk while driving and... WOW... it's also impressive... a truly reference disk, absolutely unboring and... a must listening test for any audio system!

A must have, indeed... with many thanks to Klaus and Reinhard!

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