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Friday, March 11, 2011

Queen of Denmark - John Grant's Time Machine album

When you first place on your platter John Grant's "Queen of Denmark" first of two vinyls records, something strange happens... you should listen in a row from second track - i.e. Marz, Where Dreams go to Die and Sigourney Weaver (sic...) - and you find yourself in a '70s world, with your Thorens TD-160, Shure M75ED, harman-Kardon Citation 11 and 12 and Tandberg Studio Monitors... WOW, it's me, an hairier, younger, sexier me;-)))

The power of these so plainly BEAUTIFUL pop songs disc is in its, like Mojo wrote, being an "Instant Classic"... it reminds me, in this the best Abba's songs, or some Beck Hansen's "Sea Changes" songs, simple, nice melodies which instantly find their place in your mind and seems already heard and friendly sounding from the very first notes.

Acoustic guitars, Rhodes and acoustic pianos, early-era Moog sounds, sparingly used strings and this voice, sooo sad... my heart was bleeding, pals;_)

If a record is worth one song and viceversa... Grant's Queen of Denmark has, at least... 8 on 12!


I really loved, and still do;-) this record... and I'm in debt with you, J...

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John said...

Hey Stefano,
you owe me no debt at all. I have loved reading your site and buying your many recommendations. The least I could do was pass one recommendation your way.

With regards John Grant's "The Queen of Denmark" I like how you bracketed "Marz" through "Sigourney Weaver". They are probably the album's strongest and most evocative tracks. Saying that, the album flows beautifully from beginning to end and repeated listens teases out the subtle strengths of the other tracks.

Glad you like it.