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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Abraham Maslow's hyerarchy of needs or Clayton Alderfer's ERG (Existence, Relatedness and Growth) or "What a Man can be, he must be"

Hyerarchies... pyramids... scientists, psychologists and assorted scholars, all tried to put in schemes what's in human soul - i.e. needs, wishes, priorities...

Every human being at every latitude has his/her priorities scale... and they're absolutely an expression of human uniqueness.

Ethic or not, spending BIG money on this or that can be opinable "a priori", but, also the latest, best expression of human DNA's built-in "freedom-fuel".

... and an humbly me - like many others far, FAR deeper and well informed than myself - find someway childish, too much "western oriented" and/or individualistic, when applied as a macro-system module, that hyerarchy.

What about a Bonpo from Lhasa, Tibet hyerarchy?

A final, maybe provoking, banalization? What looks weird to my wife;-), can be absolutely right for me... and vice-versa, of course!

... or, better living as cicadas or ants?

A no-brainer answer, pals...

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