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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WJAAS - Miyajima-san's headshell ring... an humble, great-little revelation

It's such an humble, unassuming, little item it didn't deserved an its own pix... have a look at the pictures of the Otono Edison Miyajima Labs Shilabe cartridge with its red jewel-box... lower pix, right-side... those golden little rings... well, you got it!
I mounted them, without not too much convintion, between Schick and Lumiere A, and I heard something, folks... had to try again with and without rings, so now I'm pretty sure I wasn't wrong... those three little spikes they're someway effective in giving a "polished-like" character to music, like looking through a cleaner window glass.
Must say that Miyajima-san isn't richer after designing, producing and selling this little accessory, BUT sure this tells more of his passion for music, care for down to the tiniest link of the audio chain and by every means, down to voodoo, in reaching a better degree of musical accuracy.
It's nothing short of a little treasure and a well-kept analog-audio secret...
P.S. - innocent jokes apart, I added a magnified pix of the object...

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