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Thursday, April 16, 2009

WJAAS - Miyajima-san's ETR-800 MC-transformer: the glory of Permalloy.

Today received the superb Miyajima Labs./Otono Edison ETR-800 MC transformer... both Robin Wyatt and Noryuki Miyajima told me: "To properly taste Shilabe MC-cartridge you should use its dedicated transformer"... and so I did!

... and well, pals... must admit I could stop avoiding transformers made after 1970;-))))

I'm currently using my beloved 4 years old Kikuchi-san made Lumiere DST mounted on Ortofon RMG-309, Ikeda headshell and Miyajima's headshell brass rings... when I swapped WE 618-B for ETR-800 I was SOOO sure old, trusty Western Electric would have outperformed the recently made Japanese transformer... I know I sported an idiot smile, a grime, on my face...

For the VERY first time, this 1,3 kilos transformer, 80 percent Permalloy-core in paraphine-filled mu-metal case and teak classy, WAF friendly outfit... WELL, yaws dropped at first few notes... like friends who listen to their beloved arms on my massive bronze armbases;-)))... I simply, strongly wanted to re-listen to ALL my records... right now, an old Wergo's Krautrock "Dharana" by BETWEEN, before on Collin Walcott's "GRAZING DREAMS" on ECM, where an unheard flute, unison to John Abercrombie screaming, dreamy razor-like guitar, between a Collin's sitar and bowed Palle Daniellson's double-bass on high notes, appeared... it's always AMAZING discover something new, not subtleties, in a well-known disc... would be enough, for giving a chance to this MC-iron, don't you?!?!

... BUT, as I love suffering, gave a listen to "HOPE" by Hugh Masekela 45 rpm on Analogue Sounds, and, pals... I'm still recovering from an audio/music/sonic/emotional ejaculation;-))))))))))))))))

... as I previously wrote, during this (maybe) silly but sincere WYAAS' exotic, hand-made cartridges tour-de-force, I was, nor I am looking for "a winner" - i.e. all designs are winners in many aspects, BUT for the best, involving, true-to-life musical rendition of my most beloved discs (many) in my music system... no science, only senses, chance, and open-ears mode...

Can't imagine how I LOVED discovering the old WE's glory gave a chance to a recent design... Noryuki Miyajima-san made something, folks... and, most important, it's universal enough to made "something" with Lumiere DST - a peaceful collaboration instead of war: Nihonjin artisans collaborating in my (humble) music system, in the name of Music;-)))

Will sure give a joyful, yet serious try to ALLNIC Verito Z, using "HIGH" position on ETR-800 in the next hours... without forgetting Shilabe's by Miyajima-san, of course;-)

Love this search for the Holy Matching... now owning nine different MC-transformers, must say I finally found the new King, the one which slightly, but definitely surpasses WE 618B, at last... you wonder its name?!?!

ETR-800 also has a cool feature, seldom seen everywhere, as a plus: a built-in demagnetizer for both trannies AND MC-cartridge - 10 seconds while playing a disc are enough... was unaware of this practice, due to static in irons core accumulating during use, which I first heard about when purchasing Verion/Cotter's irons.

Important or not, will keep you informed if (?!?!) finding any improvements (or difference) in a demagnetized MC cart..



Anonymous said...

Hello! I read you with much pleasure every time... Concerning the Miyajima San Transformer, I just have to agree with every single word, but.... the demag is not a so cool feature in my humble opinion. As mecanician and watchmaker, I have to deal with demag and tried with some (used) MC's. Once you start to, you will have to do it more an more because the demagnetisation is changing the orientation of the magnet's crystals, so you slowly but surely destroy the things nature has built. So, be aware and use with caution! Regards

twogoodears said...

Thanks for yr. comment, Pascal... must admit I didn't use demag, yet...
Anyway, must (someway) agree with you, not using technical background - which I don't have, but by gut-feeling;-)