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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The sweetest wish ever...

During an e-mail swapping like many others, I received today a wish which surprised me for its sweetness; the sincere, peaceful sense of lightness and life of this sentence is deeper than it apparently hints.
"I pray for your audio system life becoming more splendid."
This came from a Japanese gentleman, an audio artisan and a music lover, and I don't know why, BUT I loved a lot receiving this... because an audio system is an extension of a man, a musician and a music lover, and it's as alive as the people who worked around its parts and building and tuning and around the discs, disks and tapes I use almost every day.
It's a shining part of my whole life... and yes, sumimasen doomo, Miyajima-san... I hope so and also pray for you and a more (amore?!?!;-)) peaceful world, as well.

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