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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fooling the listener: reproduced vs. live sounds

The above has been done several times in the past... Acoustat demonstrated it back in the mid '70s... B & W with 801's did it again... back and back to Bell Labs' '30s experiments.
Intriguing matter... fooling the listener, I mean... BUT the visual/aural smoothness and involvement of live music... I still remember soooo vividly two live performances in NYC, years ago: David VanTighem at Alice Tully Hall, at Lincoln Center and Meredith Monk at some Lower Manhattan's loft... so deeply moving, soo various and different from other concerts I attended... lots of drama, in their performances.
This is Music: living memory. Soundtrack to travels and life...

Also Sejia Goto always used live sounds compared to the reproduced through his drivers and speakers system: flute, percussions - notably bells and gongs of several sizes - and... insects buzzing!!!

... but that's another matter...

BTW: if you like the drawing of Quad ESL, have a further look here:

... some audio related drawings & watercolours - thanks to Golliver

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