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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Horns and horns

Today my friend Ivan "The (Disc) Pusher" delivered to me an Hugh Masekela's disc " Hope", in the sought-after Analogue Production 45 rpm erotic, premium issue... several friends hinted it as a superb disc, but when I recently listened to it through a top audio system at Mino di Prinzio's den... well, I got trapped, captured in this music!
The Masekela's flugelhorn owns one of the best dynamic renditions I ever heard in my whole life, period! It seems the sound never has limits, go over and over and over... never loosing control: simply amazing in "Gotorama" full bloom.
The music is gorgeous, as well... full of life and of, you'd bet it, "hope"... it's Africa, the Mother and Father of Continents, at Its very Best.
Horns and horns, pals... a dream to listen to, an heavenly marriage on earth.
An interesting interview to Hugh Masekela back in 2002

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