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Saturday, April 11, 2009

WJAAS - The Headshells Survey - Part 1: B/A - Bosouem Acoustics' "Big Nose" universal headshell

Despite, or maybe thanks to, being a quite crowdy and overbusy country, Japan is nonetheless the homeland of free-thinkers, out-of-the-choir inventors and humble searchers and craftmen who humbly works in the name of Quality (Hishigawa-san docet...), Music reproduction and... best results also obtained going on the Weird Side of the World, undercurrent.
I learned of B/A - Bosouem Acoustics through a Japanese pen-pal who tried and used it with great satisfaction and hinted it to me.
One of the best dealers around found it for me and, here I am with some thoughts on the matter...
You possibly never saw such a freaky item: obtained from a single aluminium bullion, the trick is in the absolutely gorgeous workmanship and building AND in the "look at me" HUGE probe (Big Nose) in front of the headshell and cartridge mount.
At first sight, like per other revolutionary/evolutionary items (the long, loooong debated Kimura Labs' RS-3 Rotary headshell is the first which comes to my mind...), people "poor" in curiosity more than money-wise sure will not waste their time in experimenting, BUT will be the VERY first to say "It can't work!"... it's old, Flat Earth Syndrome, pals... we already heard this: Galileo and his scope, Leonardo and his several inventions, and down, down in the centuries to these little, insignificant, almost silly audio toys.
My humble hint: simply spitting on anything unknown or weird isn't enough, sorry... a far better approach would be just TRYING IT and judging with your own eyes/ears/wallet/brain/taste&intelligence!!!
You're wrong? To loose! You're right - i.e. it works and finely do it? Yeahhhh!!!
The Bosoeum Acoustics "Big Nose", hand made in Japan in very little quantities and available in both silver and black versions, is giving an extremely clever and audible stabilizing feature to any low compliance cartridge, putting the arm lenght to a virtual longer size, like it would be possible (?!?!) to reach an apparently better, lower error on null-points percentage/ratio;-)
This quite obscure, often debated, pro & con, matter is so easily solved at listening to, say, Otono Edison Shilabe MC cartridge by Miyajima Labs mounted on B/A headshell: it better shines from the first notes playback in resolving also the craziest, most dynamic passages: drums, ottavino flutes, trumpets, voices - all are rendered with a FAR better liquidness and untiring fashion.
Maybe the long probe, as people at the japanese workshop says, stabilize cart and definitely improve trackability... better following the groove, less distorsion, more details, better listening.
Easy, uh?!?
I love this little gizmo;-)
Thanks to Tommy of TopClassAudioArt in Hong Kong for lending the pixes of Bosouem's "Big Nose".

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