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Friday, April 10, 2009

WJAAS - The Cartridges Survey - Part 5 - Mr. K.S. Park's masterpiece (revised): the ALLNIC Verito Z

When you guess you understood ALL, the surprise is behind the door... I already had the Verito, Mr. Kang Su Park's creature, and enjoyed it a lot, also compared with other great designs I had handy, I received yesterday the newly revised ALLNIC "Verito Z" from South Korea... AND, as my friend David Beetles says (again, as I love his sentence...): "Verito Z takes no prisoners!"
It's, truly, so much better in all features the original Verito's already made (and still makes;-)) sooo well: soundstaging, timbre trueness, air among instruments, lysergic and magical special effects, those too rare features often COMPLETELY lacking also in BIG bucks transducers.
The Verito Z is sweet, detailed, liquid, untiring, yet ALWAYS surprising at every disc, always changing, adapting itself to music, instead of having a bulky self-footprint, most of the times annoying... this is utterly important to me: a cartridge and an arm should be as new as new is the music you're listening to... to better understand: EMT 930 with 155st RIAA, EMT 929 and TSD 15 are, among the best, the most personal - i.e. "hey, listen to this EMT's sound!"
My cup of tea is more like this: "Hey, listen to this song!"... that's why I love Lumiere, Schick arms and 301 Shindo and, now on... the Young Princess from Far East, the Verito Z - BTW: did you ever see a more "poetic" jewel-box on any cartridge or audio gear? It reminds me of a 12th Century little treasure from Marco Polo's travels... and someway it is!
You're never alone with a combo (and cartridge...) like this: music first, and musicians and composers are so here, at your side, you're sometimes a crowd... an happy one.

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