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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WJAAS - The cartridges survey - Part 4 - Mr. K.S. Park's masterpiece: ALLNIC's Verito from South Korea (it's not Japan, but it's Far East, indeed!)

Enter the ALLNIC's Verito MC cartridge... I wasn't aware of this brand nor of this cartridge since few months ago, for which (and for much more...) I must thank my friend David Beetles from Canada.
I'll say it's the cherry on the cake, the outsider of the crop, the alien thing, the novelty under unassuming look: an humble super-light wooden body and a cartridge which is like no other, in building, materials, size and... YES, definitely, YES: sound!
It's about 8 grams, reading at 2 grams with a medium compliance (6 x 10-6 dyne/cm), 28 ohm impedance and 0,4 mV sensitivity, and, most important, it's THE ONLY cartridge on same par with Lumiere DST in feeling and trueness.
It's so easy to know when a cartridge owns "The Magic": I learned it on my ears, experience and wallet.
The first notes, say yesterday, an Easter related listening Schutz's "Die Sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz" on Harmonia Mundi's J.F. Pontefract's engineered masterpiece... you hear the voices, male and female, effortlessly coming from the soundstage, right size, where baritone has his place, and you "see" if and when he move his head during singing and both instruments and voice are so natural, like if the time&space recording-bubble would have been tele-transported in yr. music-room in a seldom, far TOO seldom experienced way, as in a music-related sci-fi "Astounding Stories" magazine.
It's magic and VERY few, really an handful artisans are able to infuse such a quality to their transducers... or products, also if products sound TOO machine-made vs. 120 percent, painstakingly man-made.
I'll do not name, humbly as a music lover not a tech-head I am not, any winner on this little survey... but, like David says: "Verito take no prisoners..." to say: every cartridge I auditioned in this tour-de-force cartridges/transformers/arms swapping - so rare for yours truly and his (proverbial) lazyness - well, they all are winners, as they're among the VERY best, but some of the Holy Crop is "more" The Very Best than others.
... with Verito, when I wake up from couch in my music-room and go behind the speakers, I still have the sensation, the weird, impressive feeling I'm going behind a flesh & bone violin-player or a singer - no April's Fool joke involved: this also happens on other days... it's like if the music would be spreading in a completely "linked-to-the-room" way... Roman: is this DPoLS' related or... is it suggestion? IMO, it's more than psycho-acoustics... it's too much heart and soul involved, it's emotions passing or not.
... personally, don't know, nor I care... it's Music at its best.
Thanks to mr. Park for allowing a truly important step closer to the Soul of Music and to David and Koji for the support and friendship.

P.S. - almost forgot to say the Verito gave its best, up now, with Verion/Cotter MC-transformer, an heavenly matching, like the one of Lumiere with WE 618-B... Furthermore, the RS-1A is so easy for cartridges swapping - you pick it up, bring with you on a table, swap carts, reposition it, and listen... all in few minutes - but, nonetheless, I'll look forward to more in-deep listenings mounted on other arms, and also, possibly, naked of the wooden body... Verito's definitely deserves it... hai! (japanese Sho-gun style)

P.P.S. - looking forward in tasting the new Verito Z... still better resolution, says Mr. Park, and... a possible new Queen of Hearts;-) ... have a look to that handsome butterfly on the jewel-box!

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