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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ian Carr passed away on Feb. 25th 2009

Ian Carr has been an hero of mine for long years... as a great musician, founder of the jazz-rock group Nucleus at end of Sixties (have a listen with open, loving ears to "Solar Plexus" on Vertigo!!!), he and his pal Paul Buckmaster who collaborated with Carr several times in the decades, are possibly guilty they someway hinted to Miles Himself His electric path, Bitches Brew and before, with John MacLaughlin, Dave Holland, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea... Ian Carr's love for Miles Davis' music made him an authority on the matter and he wrote an essay as deep in information as passionate and lovingly toward Miles and his opus...
His records are, as well, masterpieces beyond their era, far, far beyond others: his "Belladonna" solo on Vertigo, "The Chitinous Ensemble" on Deram, a collaboration with Paul Buckmaster and virtually ALL the creme de la creme in British Jazz: Surman, Oxley, Charig, Tippett, Westbrook, Wheeler, Evans, etc. etc..
I've been very moved, yesterday evening when I read about his untimely death on Mojo's "Real Gone" pages... because, yes men die and musician are men at their best, BUT, nonetheless, his life was flawed by several tragedies: his first wife death, a cancer surgery years ago and, in late years, dementia... a musician lives in his or her music... I hope Ian Carr found his Heaven, at last, after experiencing the Hell on Earth... while for me and everyone knows what I'm talking about, we already knew the Heaven and Bliss in his timeless music.

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