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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

... yes: I'm omnivorous, shamelessly omnivorous...

Sure someone will blame me for this, maybe my music pusher, Ivan, for first, BUT... who cares... I feel me so nicely vibrating when some music - from weird to forgotten, to old, missed records to new, freshly brewed - captures my deepest attention, plucking my most inner strings blissfully.

So, after I tried to "justify" my fearless musical tastes... enters Lars Horntveth's "Pooka" from Norway...

It's Jaga Jazzist's leader debut... Ivan gave to me when I asked for something "new" and seldom heard... well, folks: it's a 2003 disk, so it's only new for me... sure it's a VERY strange disc... very north european, I'd say (but with a sunny, yet burnished sad character)... it's some Penguin Cafè Orchestra, and Grieg, and British '70s orchestral jazz (with some echoes of my beloved The Chitinous Ensemble and of Mike Westbrook's compositions), it's mysterious, poetic, smooth acoustic X-music, an hinted electro-pop with classy Gil Evans-esque strings arrangement (always Horntveth's).

The understated 2-colours cover isn't giving justice to the music colours in the disk itself... it's an underground soundtrack-like, impressionistc effort...

... and I love it!

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