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Friday, July 31, 2009

Robert Wyatt at RAI - Radio 3 Studio - Rome in February 1981

The cycle is completed, folks... RAI Trade/Radio 3, the italian national broadcasting radio, finally published as "Robert Wyatt - Radio experiments February 1981", the long awaited, fabled complete sessions Robert Wyatt recorded during a week of free composing, playing and recording in labs-like conditions.
The idea was to try to aurally "show" the process behind the artist, like when Picasso was asked to paint behind a glass... Robert Wyatt, being the great artist, 100 percent intellectually honest with himself AND listeners, deliberately avoided playing with producers who invited him in Rome, almost 27 years ago - i.e. playing something which was already in semi-finished form... he wanted to accept the match and try the hard way, with new-from-scratch ideas and never heard solutions, like jew-harp loops and vocal multi-recording unheard since "Moon in June" or "Las Vegas Tango".

The tracks-list is the following: 1. Opium War - 2. Heathens Have No Souls - 3. L'albero degli zoccoli - 4. Holy War - 5. Revolution Without "R" - 6. Billie's Bounce - 7. Born Again Cretin - 8. Prove sparse

The recording quality is awesome, in full AAD glory and some passage, like in "L'albero degli Zoccoli", reminds and it's echoing an embryonic "Rock Bottom"... like if the 1974 disc music remained in debrises in Wyatt's brain... but every piece is like brand new music for Third Millenium.

I personally find a very illuminating listening what an humble jew-harp is capable in Robert Wyatt's hands... and this voice!

This very disc represents a sure, personal "Top of the Pops 2009"... and definitely well worth a passionate listening by everyone.

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