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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The oud - a God friendly instrument which touches everyone soul

My already strong interest in oud and, to a broader extent, arabic/eastern music reaches, these days, its peak.

Dimitris Rapakosius, the fine luthier from Athens, finally completed the rebuilt/overhauling of my old Moroccan oud and shipped it to me few hours ago
(cannot stay in my shoes waiting to play it again), and my Salman Shukur, Youssuf Dhafer, Rabih Abou Khalil and Anouar Brahem's listening sessions are always very satisfying, sort-of "it's the music I need right now".

What pushed me to humbly write on this very topic is that in Mike's Oud site appeared an oud musical compendium seldom heard everywhere, a very specialized playlist compiled with care and dedication.

Have a listen... if someway unaware of the beauty and glory of this music, you could be shocked, indeed!

Mike's Oud Playlist

Farid el-Atrache's Oud

Niza Rohana's Oud

Other rare oud performances

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