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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nicker Hill Orchestra - "All the different deaths... and rebirths" or always trust in chance...

... as things happens, folks... yesterday evening, while under the fan in a midsummer hot & wet night, I tuned for some pre-sleeping soundtrack from my B & O red radio... some chatting, some disco, some... oh, oh... Music?!?!

Was captured by a local radio, and I immediately stopped my tuning fingers and my attention to the notes of some worth, seldom heard music these days from FM radio waves... who's playing? A new Sigur Ros'? Maybe Opeth, with some "Damnation" outakes? ... again: the new Mogway?

After a couple of tracks from the radio I understood the group was "Nicker Hill Orchestra" with their last, second instrumental-only effort titled "All the different deaths... and rebirths".

What can I say?!? It's great, fresh, proud, lovingly played music from a group coming from Northern Italy, between Padua, Rovigo and Modena... Mattia and his pals made something, in my humble opinion...

I ordered their disk today, of course... you'd better go to give a chance to these musicians and to their Orchestra... they sound so embarassingly new, as they sound classic enough to fool an old S.O.B like yours truly... not bad for a new group.

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