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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Mighty Power of Textured record covers

This morning, while lazily listening to Dave Evans' "Sad Pig Dance", I was lovingly handling the 1974 record cover, reading the liner notes and looking at the artwork and pix on the the rear cover while the beautiful notes fluently spreaded in my room in Gotorama and... I wasn't able to stop a teardrop.

The music so relaxed, pure, the playing and technique involved so significantly music friendly and the feeling of the old textured record sleeve made me to think about the great records which came with this "ol'England" feature... came to mind Bryter Layter by Nick Drake, Bert Jansch's Rosemary Lane, Sky in my Pie by John James and Pete Berryman, CSN & Y - Deja Vu, Neil Young - Harvest, Sandy Denny - Sandy and Old Fashioned Waltz, John James' 2nd and John Renbourn's The Hermit (first pressing only), both on Transatlantic ... sure others exist... will possibly add in the near future.

Really the '70s were special: the care for details, recording, the slowest life pace all are romantically still "here" only handling these canvas-like textured records covers... try this with your cheapos, penny-pincher downloads;-)))

It's a very definite feeling... something similar happens when I play one of my old, 60+ years old acoustic guitars... can't stop thinking about who played in the decades, where they lived, the travels, the haulings, like if these inanimate things would be able to share with me their experiences.


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