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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An interesting, well made list of Super-Discs by Arthur Salvatore

Super Discs: gasoline for your Audio System

I found Arthur's list to be a very tasty, classy mix of (some) TAS' fame HP's listed items, PLUS (a strong point in favour of Arthur's choices) a lot of Harmonia Mundi, Alienor, Telefunken, ECM, Pierre Verany, EMI Reflexe, (my friend Kavi Alexander's) Water Lily Acoustics, etc. down... down... down... to this: BACH-GOLDBERG VARIATIONS-MICHEL KIENER-CERCLE KALLISTOS CK 1004 a Y.B. Andre of YBA - France fame produced and recorded 2-records set of harpsichord solo... I guessed I was the only one to know and cherish this very elusive, limited-edition disc (my copy is 2XX/1000). It's an absolute masterpiece, both musically AND sonically!

A true winner... Arthur knows it and, bravo!, he shares it!

Furthermore, he also quotes some true, semi-unknown masterpieces - i.e. Dom Um Romao-Saudades on Water Lily Acoustics, Collin Walcott's Grazing Dream and CODONA - 2 on ECM... BTW: Hey, Arthur: CODONA - 1 is still better than the 2;-)

Another (little) hint: please buy "The Gil Evans Orchestra plays the music of Jimi Hendrix" on RCA CPL1-0667... dynamics 2die4 and the immortal art of Gil and Jimi: a masterpiece.

Browse in his list(s)... a true goldmine covering all and every musical tastes.

Thanks to Arthur Salvatore for his great job.

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