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Friday, August 21, 2009

Master Wilburn Burchette's lost treasures

I purchased these four records from Franco Zanetti, a famous italian vinyl pusher, now living between Atlanta, GA and Italy and guessed I paid them a lot, years ago... BUT - how wrong I was - they are among the rarer of the crop I own and, to my knowledge, among the most sought after waxes of whole 60/70s Americana/Prog/Psych panorama. They are truly seldom seen items.

Acoustic and electric guitars, drones... someone hinted Robert Fripp himself was inspired by Burchette's experiments (No Pussyfooting w/Brian Eno and the following "Frippertronics-based" productions...); IMO, this music is reminding some John Fahey and Glen Jones' Cul de Sac disks or also John Fahey tape manipulations, in early '70s.

If you feel adventurous enough, try at least a download... it's unfiltered, untamed, self-produced acid/psych, BUT intriguing like every unique (musical) voice...


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