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Monday, August 31, 2009

Toumani Diabate - The Mandè Variations

I recently quoted the kora while talking about Dave Evans, in a previous post... by chance, in the enclosed disk coming with "MOJO" music magazine - September 2009 issue, devoted to african music and musicians, among Ali Farka Toure, his son Vieux Toure, Tinariwen, the rebels rock group from Sahara, there is an instrumental tune coming from the always interesting World Circuit label... it's powerful great, GREAT music and it's masterfully played on kora, a XIII Century dinosaur harp-like instrument, by Toumani Diabate.

The tune, titled "Cantelowes", is so haunting, so beautiful you simply get hooked without escape... taken from his 2008 issued "The Mandè Variations", it shines of a melancholic brightness seldom heard.

After spinning several times that very track, I ordered the full disk... as a plus, the recording is truly TOP quality, serving music with dignity.

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