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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Water Lily Acoustics

Kavi Alexander's dream label

I met Kavi back in 1992 while in Santa Barbara, California - spent with him a great day... he taught to me a lot: in humanity and humbleness, in proudness and love for traditions (Jelauddin Rumi and much more), in recording techniques, in approaching a recording as a whole, self-producing and following EVERY step of production of a disc - from mike placement, to packaging - and in considering music as an uninterrupted fluid, from Vietnam to India, to South America, to Syria to USA to Europe, where the musicians travels and the WEB and discs gave to music a universal, borders-free status.

Kavi well knows this... his great liner notes where he compares Incredible String Band to Taj Mahal to Ali Akhbar Khan to Hamza el Din to griots from Mali and troubadors in the past, as buskers these days... well, are illuminating.

I own ALL his vinyls and, after he quitted vinyl format (shame on you, Kavi;-))), all his CDs.

My (humble) hint is the following: browse Water Lily Acoustics catalogue and... buy, buy, buy!

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