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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sophia Electric "Globe Mesh Plate" 300B

Yesterday evening, after few days wait, I received and promptly installed a matched pair of Sophia Electric's 300B Mesh Plate/Globe 300B.

I purchesed them, following my Chip'n'Dale (of Disney's fame) syndrome, because I someway felt my Western Electric's triodes plethora: '74 and '83 Western Electric original 300B's pairs, and a recent, 2008 batch, in luxury wooden-boxed current production, matched pair WE's 300B, all were too precious to be played every day for several hours in my Partridge's transformers based, Franz-handmade monoblock-amps.

Anyway, I spent the little bucks involved in these spare tubes and... folks: I wasn't prepared to HOW GOOD these 300-B are, period!

They're - straight out of the box - truly AMAZINGLY good: dynamic, micro-detail, soundstage... they're quite different from original WE's... less romantic, BUT absolutely not too modern or hi-fish... they sure are more extended at top-end and also the low and mid-low end are quite different (in better!) from WE's: they seem to be more various and modulating, a shade less dull and boring.

My advice is to give a serious try to Sophia Electric Balloon/Globe Mesh Plates 300B with open mind and cost-no-object mode: I purchased the cheapest black plastic base (not the more expensive white ceramic base/golden pins), with, again, the cheapest 30-days guarantee-option. A true bargain.

I consider this buy among my VERY best audio purchases ever!

... and as a plus, the naked , see-through filament is a beauty to look at... soooo sexy;-) ... also if the typical blue shining of WE 300B is less... shining.

A great tube! Thanks to Sue of Sophia Electric Inc.

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